Deleting Facebook posts, comments and likes

There is handy tool to remove posts, comments and likes from Facebook. Chrome extension Social Book Post Manager.


I have been using FB since 2007 and stopped using it for anything else than playing Angry Birds Friends. I always hated that my old posts, likes and comments were forever stored at the platform for people to see.


Deleting Facebook posts with Social Book Post manager


I started purging these posts with Social Book Post Manager. The Chrome extension emulates human interaction on Facebook website. The tool checks the activity log and deletes the content in that way.


As I had more than 10.000 activities, probably more like 20.000, this process took a lot of time and I actually have to run it several times, so that all the content is removed from public eye. I'm pretty sure FB never really deletes any content from their servers, but this is a lot better than just leave the content for people to see or FB to use publicly. 


The Chrome extension can be found here:


After initial tests, I recommend unmarking the Prescan on Page and deleting the Facebook posts, comments and likes directly. Even the fastest speed 16x seems to work fine. 


However there is need to run the script multiple times if you have thousands of posts, likes etc on your activity log.


In my case, I wanted to keep the posts which have link to my blog. Therefore I excluded those from purging. From now on, I'll periodically remove every post or comment I have made, if it does't include '' keyword. It feels good to be more in control of my

own content. 



Anyway, it feels good to get rid of the old posts and comments. Who knows, after this, I might start using Facebook again. This time with clean timeline.


FBexit is a good thing.



Removing Tweets and Twitter likes


I have been far more active on Twitter than on Facebook in the past few years. I tried several apps on this page  to delete all my tweets but I only managed to delete the latest 6000 tweets, of 39.000 I have done. I'll have to find a better way do delete tweets.



Apps did delete few thousand tweets, but not all the tweets I had done over the years.


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