5 ways to kill the human race in 30 minutes

The fast way - fighting to the end


There is no doubt that our eagerness to compete with each other has been a great catalyst for new inventions.


  We humans love to compete. Wether the enemy is internal or external, we'll find a way to compete. We all want to be winners. 

   Sometimes this urge goes beyond common sense and we are ready to destroy everything we love and value, simply to be winners. We have been close to the extinction in numerous times. One of these times was the Cuban incident, where both parties played hard game and the Soviet Union finally gave up. 

 I'd say it was a sensible resolution for both sides. Neither party, nor the rest of the world would have survived the nuclear war, even if only one side would have launched their nuclear weapons. 

 The second time was during the cold war, when both USA and Soviet physicists got together and proved that neither side was able to survive the nuclear war, even if the other side would not launch any weapons. Reagan and Soviet leaders understood this.

  So, we are currently living in the situation where extremist opinions are approved. This is the short way to hell. We need people who are able to stop these ideologies, at any cost. 


 Back to the main subject, how to kill the human race in 30 minutes.


1) Nuclear war - 30 minutes. 

  This scenario is by far, most likely to happen and therefore the scariest. Just like the other ones, it's the one which kills 90% of the people after years of desperation. It's an event when each of us, regardless where in the globe we live, have to be prepared to see most of our loved ones to die of hunger. 

 One nuclear detonation against people releases the genie out of the bottle. Using nuclear weapons is 'OK' once again. BTW There was a good reason, why those weapons were not used after we learned what they can do.

  It takes 30 minutes for ballistic nuclear missiles to hit to the destination. Things tend to escalate fast during war. All the hell can be loose, before we can even have a meal.

  After that the nuclear submarines will send their missiles to make sure that we all are screwed. 

  The lucky ones are killed with the detonations.

  The unlucky ones try to keep going on; without electricity, clean water and food while the sky is filled with dust which blocks the Sun. Plants die due lack of light. Animals die due lack of plants. Humans die of hunger. 


2) Meteor hitting the Earth - 0 to 100.000.000 years

 We have basically zero visibility of the meteors, which are coming from the direction of the Sun. A good example of this was what happened at Chelyabinsk in Russia just a few years ago. 

  If we ever see a larger object coming towards Earth, we have very small capabilities to deter the hit, even if we have years to plan for it. 


3) One of our super volcanos activate 0 to 100.000 years

 It's the same scenarios as with the nuclear war. Loads of dust to the upper atmosphere, which cools the planet, kills the plants.. and by now you know the rest. 


4) Magnetic field flip 0 - 500.000 years

 Earth's magnetic poles tend to flip from north to south every now and then. Currently the north pole has been moving quite fast. 


  During the flip from north to the south, we might have the protective shield agains the Sun's radiation. The good part is that we'll see lot's of northern lights. The bad part is that the the Sun's radiation could blow our breathable atmosphere away. Not to mention all the radiation we would encounter without our protective magnethosphere. 


5) Major earthquake 0 - 10.000 years


  Major earthquakes are generally just local phenomenas. Cascades quake could submerge a great part of the US west coast. That's not what I'm referring to. Our history of recording major earthquakes in the west is about 100 years. Japanese have recorded the events for the past 1.000 years. 

   Before the boxing day tsunami, very, very few in the western world did even knew the word 'Tsunami'. Now we all know it. We'll learn to know the new word of huge earthquake in some day in the future. 


  As humans, we have a chance either fight against each other, or we could simply think that we are one, quite weak, family.

  But hey, let's keep on saying how important we individual people, with our own ideas really are.. that will make the big difference. Right?

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Amazonas Ecuador 1999

While exploring Ecuador I met couple of other travelers at Banos. We decided to travel together for an while to visit the Amazon base on Ecuador. 

The trip was 4 days at the jungle, but before that we had to travel 12 hours by bus to get to the starting point.


We were lucky to have good guides who new remote areas and were able to teach few jungle survival tricks. 

After bus ride, truck ride and few military checkpoints we got to our destination river. Flora was amazing. 


Every now and then we had to jump off and push the boat forward


Papa Negro, of of our guides


Time for a bath on river with piranas


Fishing for food 


Eating bamboo tree


Drinking from liana 


Climbing to the huge tree (well we did not get too high)


Our group


And every now and then fooling around :)


Candlelight dinner


During the night it was time to take the bad spirits away from the body


Great hunter. I managed to catch a huge caiman with my bare hands!


Bonfire on the last night in the jungle. 

Amazonas Ecuador 1999


Back to the civilization with all that canned food. Dirty, but very happy! 


Survival trip for police and military checkpoints: It's good to ask a photo of the officers. They love it and it makes the whole process very smooth.

Enjoyment of traveling - Penang

My visa trip to Penang, Malaysia, was a good reminder why I have always loved backpacking solo so much. It's all about learning new and meeting people. Penang was a great place for this. 


Some highlights of the experiences. 


I went to eat at a local street food shop. All the tables were full, but one couple with their about 80 years old mother, said to me that I can eat with them. We chatted a bit and I told them that I live in Thailand. They left and I finished my food and left the place to walk on the Chulia street. 


After an moment the man came to me and asked if I would like to talk and see the island. Quick risk evaluation told me that being kidnapped by an elderly couple with their mother, might not be such an huge risk, so I got in to their small car. 


The group took me around the island to see some parts I had not seen. We went to drink some local tea and talk at a restaurant by the sea. I tried to pay for the teas, but that was out of the question as I was their guest. They were Thailand fans and wanted to know more about living in Thailand. After an while they took me back to the Chulia street to get to my hostel. 


My 'kidnappers' 

My kidnappers at Penang Malaysia 


I visited a small shop and wondered why a coke light was RM1 on a bottle and RM2 on a can. I thought they have a recycling plan, so I asked the owner. She gave me a lecture that it was on promotion and I should always check the markings on bottles, to avoid being scammed. The next day I visited the same shop, the owner woman came to me and said "Hello my friend, I knew you would come back" and gave me a hug. I was puzzled, but this explains a lot how the local people there are. smile.png


On Thursday I did what I every now and then do, while in a new city. I took a bus, without knowing where it leads. So I jumped in to one bus and wanted to buy a ticket. When I said that I have no idea, where I want to go, the driver burst in to huge laughter and told my plan to the whole bus. Not in a bad way, just amazed way. 


We went thought the city, small roads to the end of the line. There the bus driver asked me to come to sit next to him and I explained that this is one of my ways to see the real life and people out of the touristic areas. He liked the idea and from that moment he became my personal tour guide of the city. Sharing all kind of information, for example how folks from Sumatra come to visit a affordable local hospital, which gives them a good service. I had to pay a ticket pack, but as the driver remembered that I had paid overprice of RM2 instead of normal price RM1.4, the driver told me that RM1 was enough. The ticket payments are put in to a box, so no changes are given back. Part of the no scam honesty of the island. 


Btw. One month ticket to use the busses is RM100, about THB1000.


Laughing bus driver / personal travel guide

Friendly bus driver at Penang, Malaysia


These were just few examples of the encounters with the people. Lots of others, really good hearted folks. Ready to talk and ready to smile. 


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Turku Aurajoki

I visited Turku, Finland, my home town. The real summer was just starting. Temperatures above 25 degrees, which brought people to enjoy the summer days by the river Aura. 


Turku Aurajoki

How many toes do you have?

How many toes do you have was an idea which I started while I was traveling through Latin America in year 2000. 

The sentence was my pickup-line; to make girls smile with a silly question in their native language.  
Lot's of people all around the world contributed to the list. Adding their own languages.

Now I wish to extend it; and correct the spelling mistakes and add the original languages. 

I also wish to add new languages to the list. 

So, please tell me, how many toes do you have, in your own language. Share the list with people who might be able to add new languages to the list. 
After all, we need to know how many toes people around the world actually have. 
You can contact me via email: or by twitter @oilinki 
Language How to say it Original language


Arabic Ka'am Addad Asabea'a Al-gadamine?  



Zenbat behatz dituzu or zenbat behatz dauzkazu?

Bulgarian kolko prUsta imash na krakata?    
Catalan Quants dits tens als peus?    
Chinese Ni you duo shao ge jiaozhi tou?    
liko prsta ima№ na nogama?
Dutch Hoeveel tenen heb jij?    
English How many toes do you have?    
Mitu varvast sul on?
Kuinka monta varvasta sinulla on?
Combien de doigt de pied avez-vous?
Wie viele Zehen hast Du?
Posa dahtila ehis sta podya su?
Cama behonot yesh lakh?


Hungarian Hány lábujjad van?   @huahinjoe
Hvaр hefurрu margar tör?
Mano ti ramay ti dapan mo?
Berapa jari kaki punyamu?
Ce mhead mear coise a bhuil agat?
Quante dita del piede hai?
Japanese Ashi yubi nan-mai desu ka? 足指何枚ですか? @TakenakaLaura
Hvor mange tör har du?
Pakhayat chand ta angosht dorant?
Ilan ang daliri mo sa paa?
Ploatdietch Woefehl toje hast due ope fojt?    
Quantos dedos do vocк tem?
Ile masz palcуw u nуg?
Cite degete ai la picioare?
SkOl'ko u tebiA pAltsev na nogAh?
liko prsta ima№ na nogama?
Koliko prstov imasљn na nogah?
Spanish ¿cuántos dedos tienes?   @siamspain
hur mеnga tеr har du?
wie mange Zeche hesch du?
Ilan ang daliri mo sa paa?
Mee niew tow towry? or niew tao Mii gii niew?
Kaç tane ayak parmağınız var?

Basak Arican


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Kuwait 2006

I spent couple of months in Kuwait in 2006.  Two different occasions. I went to install and troubleshoot IMS & Push to talk systems for local operators. In fact it was one of my least productive work trips. I flew there in a hurry and then waited for a long time for the equipment to come. 


Kuwait city is quite modern city, but there was very little things to do. At least the fun part. 


The first impression when I got out from the Airport, I felt I was entering to a hot and dry sauna. Temperature was close to 50 celcius and hot wind made it difficult to breath at the start. 



Marina Bay at Kuwait City. This was the view from my serviced appartment.


Kuwaiti towers


The liberation tower. Build after the Iraq occupation

Prayer tower


Traffic in Kuwait is simply horrible. Traffic jams in the night and people drive sometimes way too fast.


Crossing the Red Signal Leads to Death or Prison


Night shot of Kuwait city


City during a dust storm


Local shopping mall


Alcohol free beers in the supermarket in Kuwait

Nice water towers


Water truck in the desert


Bedouin man and his camel


Camel crossing

Kuwait 2006


Oil refinery


Three bridges

Singapore's Marina Bay by night

Singapore is amazingly beautiful city. Specially the Marina Bay area at the heart of Singapore is amazing during the night. 

Singapore cityscape 

Singapore cityscape

The casino

Singapore casino

Singapore Merlion

Singapore Merlion

Gateway to the light

Gateway to the light

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Train trip with a view to devils nose! Ecuador 1999

One of the Ecuador's main attractions is a train trip from Riobamba to Alausi.

This trip goes via Devils nose where the train tracks zigzag and the train has to reverse while going down the steep hills. 

The views are great and the best seats are on the top of the train.


Trip started early in the morning while it was still dark and very cold due the high altitude.


On the top of the world

Scenic views

The best seats on the train

Train trip with a view to devils nose! Ecuador 1999


Slight technical problem. The train dropped from the tracks at Devils nose. It took just and half on hour for the staff to get the train back to tracks.


Great and fun experience





Travel Chronicles: Banos cake party

Travel Chronicles: Banos cake partyI travelled to Banos with couple of other backpackers to find a way to get to the Amazonas. After we found an company which did offer a good trip, it was time for dinner and a couple of beers afterwards.

We got to one, pretty quiet place at the moment. The first thing the bartenders did, they made me to try caipirinha. New drink for me at the time... and pretty strong as well.

The place started to fill up with local youths who came there for Friday parties. Like every other Ecuadorian bar, there was salsa on the background. After a while people started get to the floor and dance.

Some ladies came to ask me and my friends to dance and "no, I can't dance" was clearly not an option "we'll teach you".. and then I was on the floor, slowly learning how to move the body.. and it was fun!

Before I even noticed the place was packed with party people. Dancing and having fun. Suddently someone  came with a cake and everybody were singing happy birthday song.

The girl who's birthday it was was really happy and decided to share the cake with all of us. Not the traditional way, but more spontanius way. She simply took part of the cake to her hand and used it as an spoon to feed the party hungry people. Then everybody were throwing cake to each other. Nobody did mind for the mess, everybody was just having fun.  Poco loco.