Chocolate playing fectch

I miss my Chocolate. The boy who was the laziest of them all. Yet the one who wanted to feel loved all the time. He had a special voice when he demanded to come to sit on my lap. 

The James Bond of the cats. While he was enjoying his life, he did not think about himself when he protected the girls in the house. 

This is Chocolate. Playing fetch like a dog. 

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Koh Yao Yai

I made yesterday an extempore trip to Koh Yao Yai. Blissful, not so little, island. 


At the first I rode my bike to the Bang Rong pier, where I parked by scooter.


Walked to the pier and and the 11:45 speedboat was about to leave to Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi. Stepped in and was on my way just after few minutes after getting to the pier. The speedboat trip took 30 minutes and cost 200B. 


At the island, there were many different price accomondation available. Starting from clearn room with air-con at the middle of the town for 500B. Bungalows by the sea were from 1200B fan all the way to 6000B air-con cabins.


One funny thing happened, which describes the island life on it's own way. While riding around I visited the shop with the only ATM on the island. There was nobody around so I tried to call for the people.. still nobody. I walked in and got an drink from the fridge and then went to the front of the shop to drink the soda. 


Time passed and nobody was there. It was time for me to go so I walked in and prepared to place the empty can with 20B note under it to the cashiers table. Finally I saw someone walking past the backroom and I managed to pay directly to him. 


Many people leave the keys to their scooters when those are parked. There is very little crime.


The ability to trust other people is what can still be found on the happy island. 



Leaving Bang Rong pier

Speedboat from Phuket to Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi

At the island I rented an scooter for 200B (morning to evening price), 24 hours would have costed 300B. 


Rental scooter


When I was talking to the renter (actually a restaurant close by the pier). I mentioned that I have visited Yao Noi couple of time earlier and liked the island. The owner said that Yao Noi is too busy and Yao Yai is "njiep". I assume he had not been to Phuket for ages :)


Burmese ladies taking an afternoon walk


The island was quite quiet and life was very relaxed. Everybody seemed to own an hammock for daytime napping. Plentyfull of 


Visitors all seemed to have recently received a bliss from Anna (I just finished watching the "V" tv-serie). 


Very relaxed beaches

Main artery roads are made of concrete and in ok condition. Naturally there were few potholes, but if riding slow enough, it does not matter. 


Main roads of Koh Yao Yai


Some roads were not so main stream


Pier with larger ferry to Phuket at west coast of Koh Yao Yai


Long tail boats


The views from the east coast of Koh Yao Yai


Koh Yao Yai


Large mangrove forest at the soutern tip of Koh Yao Yai


Traditional Thai style houses


Beaches of Koh Yao Yai - East


West coast beach



Fisherman making fish traps

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

On my last trip to Bangkok, there was only one thing I wanted to see. The Lumpini park and it's famous Asian water monitor lizards.

While Bangkok is generally not a very pretty city, the parks and other green areas offer very nice contrast to the concrete jungle. 

The park is clean and well maintained. 

Lumpini Park Bangkok Thailand

Peace and quiet. Lumpini park is a good place to escape Bangkok's hectic life

Lumpini Park

The plants are well watered during the dry season

Watering plants at Lumpini park

Palm tree

Palms at Lumpini park

Flowers blossoming

Flowers at Lumpini park

Security cameras are everywhere

Security cameras are everywhere in Lumpini park

Lumpini park has some art as well

Women in the next three decades lumpini park bangkok thailand

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One night in Bangkok 2013

Few night pictures of a trip to Bangkok on May 2013. 



Night traffic


Sunset at Bangkok

Sunset at Bangkok

The Thainess

The ThainessEvery now and then there is a question, what is Thainess? One answer is "it's complicated".

Actually it's not complicated at all. Thainess is the feeling of being part of something bigger, doing things in a fair way for all, without being afraid. In essence it's doing things in right way. 

Thainess allows people to be what ever each wishes to be, as long as people don't hurt others. It allows people to be free. 

Thainess is the smile between strangers who see and recognize each other and thus approve each other when they meet in the streets. The connection and goodwill between people. 

My first encounter of the real Thainess was during the 2004 tsunami. I was sent to Phuket and Khao Lak by my company, to help with the communication needs. It was my best work assignment ever. 

What did blow my mind was the people who had come from the northern parts of the country to help the people in the south.

While I was visiting the hard affected Khao Lak, feeling a bit depressed, I saw the people who still had the smile in their faces giving comfort for all. These were the people from North Eastern part of Thailand, who drove down to south. Their trucks were filled with donated goods from the people from their home towns. The feeling of being able to help was the key to the happiness.  

Thailand, please never forget how beautiful nation you are when your people are working together and helping each other. 

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This is Bangkok

Bangkok is a hectic city. While some things happen in a blink of an eye, there is till plenty room for personal tranquility. To live in Bangkok, one needs to adapt different scenarios very quickly. I lived two years there, before moved to live in Phuket


Bangko traffic is notorious. It's slow, it requires all your senses, but at the same time it's very flexible and fair for everybody.


When the evening rush hour comes, this is what you can expect of the traffic in Bangkok.

Bangkok also offers one of the best shopping experiences in the world. I personally hate shopping, but when I get to the Fortune city mall, I'm in my shopping heaven. It's not just shopping, but also to see new ideas with affortable prices. 


When people have seen enough of one place, there is really no reason to make a fuzz out of it. Then it's time to relax, like this motorcycle taxi driver. 


While the motorcycle driver is sleeping, it's time to take a bus. Bangkok is one of the few places, where you still can see wooden floor on the busses. 

Bangkok busses also have a person who comes to you to collect your 10-30 baht feed of the ride. 


Sometimes it's worth of stopping at a local 7/11 and enjoy a drink. Simply observing what people are doing. There will be younger folks who are doing their studies while walking and others who just try to figure out how this part of the world works out. 

Bangkok is rising. There are more and more high building reaching the sky. The city of 15 million people have to find a way to strugle between rising plot prices and ability to transfer people when the the streets are jammed.