Phuket events and festivals

Phuket old town festival (2013 photos)

Phuket town is the main location to see a glimpse of local life in Phuket. Phuket old town festival is among the best festivals on the Phuket province. 

This year the festival is held from Thursday 26th until Saturday 28th of February 2015

Everybody are welcome

Phuket old town festival (2013 photos)


Agenda for 2015 festival from The Phuket News

February 26

16.00 - Cultural Parade

18.00 - Respect paying ceremony to Guan Yin and the Sea Dragon, plus a music performance from Koh Khai

19.00 - Opening Ceremony by Boonsri Hongsyok accompanied by Governor Nisit Jansomwong and Mayor Somjai Suwansupana

20.30-22.30 - Performances from Municipal school students

22.30 - God Worshiping


February 27

19.30-24.00 - Cultural performance from the People's Republic of China, plus local foods and performances from Municipal school students

February 28

19.30-24.00 - plus local foods and performances from Municipal school students

Throughout the three day festival there will also be street shows, performances from artists, local exhibitions and much more.


Here is some photos from the Old Phuket town festival 2013

The parade


Cultural exchange

Plenty of people


Street art


The girl just wrote the name of her secret crush to the street. 


Something.. well, something


Gold covered pole at Chinese temple

Some buildings turn to cartoons


It's also a good time for old friends get together and share few beers and laughter. 


Entertainment and shows


Street music performances


Light figures

Thai TV show in making


People praying at the water dragon statue at the Queen Sirikit park 


The big bang at the end of the festival. 


Chinese laterns

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phuket AirPark Flight show 2015

Phuket AirPark Fly'n'Go show 28.2.2015 at the Phuket Airpark. The next big event is likely to be held on 2nd Saturday of May 2015, in case someone wishes to visit the air show and Phuket. 

The 10 minutes flights with these gyrocopters were 1500 baht. Unfortunately I did not have enough money with me. Next time I will as I have never flown with a small plane or a helicopter. Flying with one of these would mark the both entries on the bucket list as done.


PanPhuket calendar will be updated, when the date of the next Phuket Air show is fixed.


phuket AirPark Flight show 2015







There was also a waterjet show late in the evening

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Por Tor festival Phuket 2014

Por Tor or Hungry ghost festival at Am Ban Niau at Phuket town. 

See also beauiful fruit decorations by local school childred - Happy fruits




Ang Ku offerings 

Am ban Niau shrine

Dragon on top of the am



Turtles inside the Am Ban Niau


Woman burning money so that it will be delivered to the past spirits


Offerings for the hungry spirits

Boy trying to climb to the top of the pole to claim 2500 baht prize money. He had to give up, but managed to fecth the money from 1500 baht pole. 


Man doing the same

Por Tor festival Phuket 2014


And he manages to get the prize

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Traditional Thai Shadow Theatre

Sometimes the old fashioned toys, which offer real interaction for kids, are much more entertaining than iPhones or PlayStations. 

This seemed to be the case at Phuket's two heroines festival last week. Kids loved to have a try with the shadow theatres put to the display. 


Kid having fun with the shadow theatre

Traditional Thai Shadow Theatre

The display area

What could be more fun than sharing the experience with dad

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Tsunami 10 years - Light up Phuket

Today has been 10 years since the tsunami. One of the rememberance events were held in Patong, Phuket. 

Tsunami 10 years - Light up Phuket




Tsunami monument at Kamala

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Tsunami 2004 in Phuket, Khao Lak and Phi Phi islands

Photos from Phuket, Khao Lak and Phi Phi island after the tsunami caused by 9.0 eartquake hit to the area.


Phuket town 2.1.2004


Khao Lak 2.1.2004



Phi Phi 6.1.2004

Tsunami 2004 in Phuket, Khao Lak and Phi Phi islands



9.1.2004 life starts to get back to normal


Patong beach 10.1.2004

Work 2.1.2004

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Two heroines festival in Phuket 2015

The annual two heroines festival was held at the new Thalang memorial field this year.  These two ladies protected Phuket from the Myanmar invasion, by pretending to be men with arms. While the Myanmar scouts came to see if Phuket would be easily occupied, they saw the 'troops of solders' and reported the information back to head courtiers. Phuket was saved from invasion. 

Here are the two heroines of Phuket

Two heroines festival in Phuket 2015


The whole festval was to show traditional Thai culture in Phuket to the world. 

Traditional Thai dance


Rice plays an important role in Thai culture. It's a normal way to greet a person to say "Khun kin khao laow?" Which translates to did you eat (rice) already? If one answers 'no' to this question, people become aware, as they would in the western world when answering 'no' to the question if someone is ok. 

Drying rice in traditional way


Boys learning how to use the rice mill


Obviously, when dealing with rice and wheat, there is a need for scare crows. 


Traditional Thai shadow theathers (more images here)  


The night ended to a show of the Thalang battle

And fireworks

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Phuket event calendar

TL;DR Calendar of Phuket events for mobiles:


Phuket have lots of events, but quite often those go unnoticed. There is stories on the newspapers, but at least I forgot the dates and events within minutes.

  Various medias have their own list of events, which are quite often full of 'Best BBQ adds', which I consider more of an spam.

  The other problem is that these event notifications are hidden on the webpage, where the information have to be separately checked. This simply does not work very well.


  To solve this I created simple community calendar, which can be freely added to mobile phones or used by any websites. This way we can have event calendar available when ever we need to see what is happening around the island. 

 To add the calendar to your Google account calendar, simply click the '+ Google calendar' link on the calendar page. 



  To add the calendar to PC or other devices, click the iCal link which is widely supported.






  I'm also  looking for individuals who would be willing to manage, eg add events to the calendar. Please use the contact form me if you are interested and willing to help. 

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Battle of Thalang show 2014

Phuket organizes annual heroines festival to remember the battle of Thalang year 1785. 

According to the legend two heroic sisters Lady Chang and Lady Mok protected Phuket from Burmese invasion. While the men of Phuket were fighting at other regions, Phuket was left with very little military protection. 

The sisters organized local women to march on the streets, pretending to be soldiers as an message to Burmese scouts that Phuket was well guarded. This worked and Burmese decided not to try to invade the island.

The new monument side at Thalang is impressive. There is a new, very expensive, statues of the two sisters as well as other Phuket protectors.  On top of this, there is large areas to have outdoor shows and presentations. 

Battle of Thalang show 2014


Battle of Thalang


The show


Heroines monument


Phuket heroines


Woman watching the construction pictures


Traditional Thai shadow teather for kids and adults

The two Phuket heroines


Thai festivals always incude food. 



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Chinese new year 2013 in Phuket

Chinese new year, or  Lunar new year as the Chinese call it, is one of the largest festivals here in Phuket. Thai-Chinese population in Phuket is large, about 14% of the population and they are generally considered the people who have more money and power compared to the other races here in Phuket.

This means, the festivals are better funded, better organized and overall more extravaganza compared to the other festivals on the island.

Year 2013 started the year of Snake. Phuket festivals were all around the island. The main events were at the Phuket town.

The images are from 2013 Chinese new year festival at Phuket. The acrobat group was from China.



Chinese new year 2013 in Phuket

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Loy Krathong 2013

Loy Krathong festival at Phuket

Right: Woman selling eatable Krathongs






Sending Lantern to the sky

Lanterns at Patong Beach


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Miss tiffany contest at Phuket

Miss Tiffany contest at Saphan Hin Phuket local food festival 25.1.2014.

I did not even knew that the contest was happening before getting to the festival area at Sapan Hin. It was a pleasant surprise.

The event was nice and the contestants were all elegant on their dresses as well as behaviour, quite a contrast to some of the aggressive  ladyboys on the Phuket streets. They had insecurity on their eyes and sides of their lips, just the way the girls in the normal beauty  contestants would have. 

I ended up just enjoying the show and to evaluate, which of the ladies was the prettiest :)


Miss tiffany contest at Phuket







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Mothers day in Thailand 2014

HM The Queens birthday is also mothers day in Thailand. Few pictures from Saphan Hin, Phuket.

Mothers day in Thailand 2014

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Shutdown Phuket 2014

During the latest political protest, Shutdown Bangkok, Phuket have had it's own protest. 

Phuket belongs to the south and strongly supports the yellow shirt movement (the ones who are currently protesting against the government on the streets). 

There was few hundred people on the protest side at Phuket Town on the initial shutdown day 13th of January 2014. 

The protest site a road, about 50 meters long, next to Phuket provincial hall. 






Voluntary military guards

Police not expecting riots on site


Protestors watching Bluesky TV


Audience on site


Food for the protesters


Big Thai flag

Shutdown Phuket 2014


Protest site in Phuket

Phuket shutdown 2014


Tourist think this is a festival and a good selfie time


Life goes on in normal way  beyond the protest site


A man installing a Thai flag sticker to support the protests


Various Thai flag themed stuff sold at the protest site


Woman in white


Man in black 



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Surprise Chinese temple street possession

I was riding from Phuket town back home this evening. Suddenly a cop with huge smile stopped me. He told me to wait for an while and pointed for me to look forward. 

Chinese temple's dragon had it's annual walk on the street. The event lasted for about 20 minutes and after that the traffic was allowed to go forward again. 


One nice detail was how they were using the ultraviolet lights to boost colors. 

Surprise Chinese temple street possession




Short video:

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Thalang festival 2013

Thalang festival is annual 5 day event to celebrate the two sisters who saved Phuket from Burmese army. The ladies heard that Burmese were going to occupy Phuket while most of the men were outside of the island fighting on other fronts. 

They organized the local ladies to dress like men and made them to march on the streets. Burmese spies saw this and reported back to the their army that Phuket was heavily armed and should not be attacked. This saved Phuket. 

Currently the festival, is like every other festival in Thailand. Fun, food and shopping. 


Fun for the kids


As well for the grown ups


Rather spicy food 


Lot's of people


Shooting for 20B

Thalang festival 2013


Throwing the darts to the balloons




And my personal favorite thing to do, throwing balls to drop the mermaids to the water. Few decades of playing Finnish baseball or "pesis" did pay back the hours of training.



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Toyota racing days at Saphan Hin


Definitely an event to go and to see. Saphan Hin is a short track, where it's possible to go quite close to the action. 


I admire the skill of the organizers, how they were able to orchestrate the event and get the audience excited while watching the show. Well done.

Welcome to the event 

The track 

Pre race show 


Something for the kids


Action and real race 


Heat of the race


To win, control the driving lines


And compete 

Toyota racing days at Saphan Hin


Rescue workers on their positions


Emergency equipment 


The audience was happy


Show must go on


Informatioin desk girls giving their advices.. or simply making people to feel good


Adds were blocking the view, but people got around it


The drive skill show 


Time to celebrate the winners 


Car advertising with photographers


.. And wheels.. I guess


We all were left with some good memories of this event


Some other cars wished to steal the moment afterwards

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US Independence day festival at Phuket Airpark 2013

US 237th indipendency  day celebrated at Phuket Airpark, Thalang. 2 days fun and big toys.

Few photos of the event.

People gathering to the event 


Incredible flying skills of German flyer

US Independency day festival at Phuket Airpark

More flying

Truly a person who lives on the edge and his skills are way above normal. He checks his G-forces after every flight and if he has not reached G7 to G8, he is not happy. For me, this was the first time I saw air show and I was wondering if this is the last show for the pilot before the crash. It was simply skill and adrenaline. 


After incredible stunt flying, pilot's request was clear.. beer


Helicopter rides




Paraclyding setup. To learn how to fly one of these costs 30.000B, the who setup is 230.000B. Not too bad to be able to fly. 


US beer. Apparently US have also quite good beer as well.


Black and blue band


Another band


Balloon of many sizes


Filling up the hot air balloon

The hot air balloon flight did not work at first. The fiber of the balloon got too wet, which caused it to collapse to the ground at first. 

After few hours the second try to get the balloon up worked.


The balloon was first filled with air with large fan. After it got the shape the burners were used to get heated and expanded air to the balloon. 


Volume of this balloon is 3000m3 and it can lift 560kg. The whole thing is basically physics. Hotter air expands and becomes lighter compared to the colder ambient air. The air on the top of the balloon is at maximum at 120C, for the rest is less.




Hot air balloon tethering. The balloon is connected to an heavy vehicle with rope. 


Hot air balloon in the night


Fireworks at the end

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Video: Phuket vegetarian festival firecrackers

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Video: Phuket vegetarian festival firewalking

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Phuket weather


Phuket weather in June - Sunshine and thunderstorms

The low season in Phuket starts on April, which is hot and dry month. During May we get a occasional rains. This continues until end of June. On average maybe 2 days per week have rain. This does not mean that it's raining all the time. On the contrary, most rains last for 20 minutes and then it's over. 

The other oddity is that the thunderstorms are very localized. While it's raining cats and dogs in the Southern Phuket, the northern parts can enjoy a nice sunshine. That's a reason why nobody is able to tell, if the next week will have a nice weather or not. 

Phuket's local expats often use rain radar animation provided by Thai Meteorological department to predict the rains in next 20-60 minutes.



Koh Naka Noi on the east cost of Phuket is still enjoying sunshine. Koh Yao Yai on the background is most like having a good tropical rain. 

Rain clouds over Phuket town, while on 15km away the sun is shining. 



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Heavy rains causes flooding in Phuket

This monsoon season rains in Phuket has been worse than any years previous years I have lived here. 

Thepkasattri road, Phuket's main highway, which goes through the island, had massive traffic jams due flooding.

Susco gasoline station inundated

Monsoon rains in Phuket causes flooding

Not the best day for small cars, Monsoon rains in Phuket

People driving too fast

Looks like Songran came early to Phuket. Songran is Thaland's yearly country wide water play. 

Massive traffic jams. One broken car pushed through the water.

Traffic jams in Phuket due heavy monsoon rains and flooding


This describes the feeling in Phuket, when it rains

Sad day in Phuket when it rains

Read also: Monsoon rains delays and reroutes flights at Phuket Airport

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Power outages during monsoon season

Monsoon season in Phuket means increased amount of heavy thunderstorms. High winds causes tree brances to fall on the power lines. This can cause electric shortcuts and the lights go out among with the air conditioning and fans.

When I first moved to live in Phuket (for real, not just a diving season), a heavy storm often resulted as few hours power outtage. Now the situation has improved hugely. I get maybe 4-5 power outages per year. These shortages don't last long. Normal problem to fix time has been around 1-2 hours. It's good to call the electric company when this happens to make sure that the electric provider knows the problem.

One thing to learn from these cuts. Sometimes it depends, how the power goes off to how wide the power outage is and how long it will get the power back.

The closest power line fuse to your home is the fuce cutout or cut-out-fuse.

The main purpose of these fuses is to separate the shortcut area and limit the power outage to small area. To repair these fuses, the electricians have to take the fuse down, replace copper core inside of the fuse and then plug the fuse back in. Time to fix in Phuket is about 1 hour, specially if you live close by to a hotel, which shares the same area of electricity. This is the most common cause of power outage in Phuket. It's also quite easy and cheap fix. Costs is few hundred bahts per pop.

When one of these blows, the is an audible BANG. The fuse core gets hot, air surrounding the core heats up and expands. When the fuse finally blows out, inside air pressure is released and causes the loud bang. 


Power off, power on, power off, power on - BANG - and darkness

When this happens, the Recloser has kicked in. The purpose of the recloser is to try to keep the electricity on, in cases that the power line shortcut is very temporarily, normally a tree branch falling to the lines and drops to the ground. I'm just guessing, but when the reclosers kicks in, the electric company assumes that the problem is within the higher voltage power lines and therefore knows that the outtage is widespread. This should be very high priority to fix. 

Really wide area outtages

I have only experienced this once. Few years back, one of the main powerlines from Central Thailand to South broke down. The whole Southern Thailand had an power outtage for few hours. The first symptom of these kind of events is that the ADSL line goes quiet, even if you have UPS or other backup power to keep the internet connection on. It starts to be scary if the mobile connection goes down as well. I'm not sure, but if I recall correctly, the mobile network kept working due the Southern Thailand outage. 


Phuket provincial electricity authority (PEA) removing bamboo and other trees from the power line as preventative measure at Ao Por

Phuket provincial electricity authority (PEA) removing bamboos and other trees from the powerline as preventative measure at Ao Por

Bamboos are nice, but they also grow very fast and can cause problems. The electric company have to do constant maintenance to protect the wires


The good guys, who make sure that we keep cool in our homes by taking care of the power gridPhuket Electrician working to avoid power outtages. The good guys, who make sure that we keep cool in our homes by taking care of the power grid

Another common cause for power outages are Golden tree snakes, which climb to the power poles and cause shortcuts. 

Golden tree snake causes power outtages in Phuket, Thailand

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Rainy days in Phuket

It's low rain summer green season in Phuket. We get our share of rain.


Rainy days in Phuket

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Smog in Phuket

Today has been a whitewashed day. The whole island of Phuket has been covered by a smog. 

The air is stagnant, there is no wind and weather feels very hot. Air moisture must be at 100% level. Even light walking makes one sweat when the sun is shining. 

At the same time, there have always been reports of smog in Singapore and Malaysia. Smog caused by the forest fires in Sumatra. That's the penalty of using palm oil in cars.

Smog in Phuket, Thailand makes the distance to disappearFog in Phuket, Thailand

Hills at PaklokHills covered with fog in Phuket

Ao Por grand marina is hardly visibleAo Por Grand Marina in fog, Phuket, Thailand

Green and cray

Road in Phuket during fog

Phanga bay, not as pretty as it usually isPhanga bay during fog weather


It's good to remember that these smogs come and go. As an comparition, a photo taken just one day earlier. Phuket blue skies

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Phuket Beaches


Abandoned Hyatt Regency hotel at Nai Yang beach

I went to explore how 6-7 years ago abandoned Hyatt Regency hotel at Nai Yang beach looked like today. Here are some pictures before it got too dark to take photos.

The project was launched mid 2000's and it was supposed to have 151 rooms. Project got delayed and finally burned in February 2013. Look for the article links bellow the pictures.


View to the Nai Yang bay from the top of the hotel


View to the Nai Yang bay from the top of the hotel


View of the abandoned hotel from the top of the building

View of the abandoned hotel from the top of the building

Front entrance

Front entrance


Main entrance

Main entrance


Private pool with the room

Private pool with the room


Top suites

Top suites


Everything is broken by the people who were looking for something worth of taking

Everything is broken by the people who were looking for something worth of taking


Unfunctional air conditioning

Unfunctional air conditioning


A man cutting the steel for recycling

A man cutting the steel for recycling

There has been an fire. Burned coal is everywhere

There has been an fire. Burned coal is everywhere


Burned wood made some parts of the hotel floor black

Burned wood made some parts of the hotel floor black


Fire have melted the plastic electric cable tubes

Fire have melted the plastic electric cable tubes


Room 709

Room 709


The view is pretty great. This would have been a good location for an hotel.

The view is pretty great. This would have been a good location for an hotel.


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Ao Por after the cleanup

Big changes in Phuket when the army is removing private owned structures which have been build to the public land.

Ao Por after the cleanup


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Ao Por night sky

This is how Ao Por looks like in the evenings. The photos are from the Ao Por pier.

Ao Por night sky


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Boats at Ao Por, Phuket

Ao Por, located on North East corner of Phuket, is a good place for boat spotting. Often very large vessels visit the Ao Por Grand marina. Some of those look particularry interesting.


6711 This is a service boat, to hold toys for the primary yach. 

Boats at Ao Por, Phuket



Three masted ship


Boats at Ao Por Grand marina 


Subsea cable laying ship


Planet Solar - solar powered catamaran visited Ao Por in 2011. Couple more photos


Not all boats are huge, it's the attitude what matters :)




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Bang Tao Beach in Phuket 2014

Bang Tao beach as well as other Phuket beaches has been cleared out illegal restaurants and other structures which has been build to a public land.

After the army cleared out some of the restaurants, Bang tao beach can show it's natural beauty once again. 


Bang Tao Beach in Phuket 2014


Night shot of Bang tao beach



  Pure happiness / Local girl feeding street dogs


Bangtao view to the south


And to the north


Sunset at Bang Tao beach

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Kamala beach Phuket during low season

Kamala is a relatively quiet beach, compared to for example Patong, all year around. 

Few pictures to show how does the beach look like post the coup beach clearance.

Kamala beach Phuket during low season

And a bit larger view from the same location

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Laem Sing beach Phuket

Laem Sing beach is one of the pretties little beaches in Phuket. It's located few kilometers north of Kamala beach. Couple of years ago the local municipality build a viewpoint, just a bit south of Surin beach, with a view to the beach.

Laem Sign beach

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Nai Yang beach during the low season - it's all about kite sailing

When one get's to the Nai Yang beach, during the rainy season, there will be folks having fun with their kites. 

Some are practising and some folks are mastering the skill of kitesailing. It's great to watch. 

Here are some photos from 2015, how it really looks like. 

Nai Yang beach during the low season - it's all about kite sailing


Mastering the beach surf while kitesailing

Larger image of the Nai Yang beach of Phuket

Up above the water while kitesurfing. 

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Patong beach low season 2014

Couple of pictures from Patong beach in Phuket during the low season 2014 (Oct 20 2014). This is post the military coup time, which cleared out the beach chairs, but it failed to clear out the jet ski's, parasailing vendors from the beaches. 

The tuk-tuk's are still on the beach road taking the parking spaces from ordinary cars. 

From the south to the north

Patong beach low season 2014

From the north to the south

The beach road of Patong

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Phuket's secret Banana beach

The  Banana beach at the northern part of Phuket, is probably the most beautiful beach on the whole island. It's still quite undeveloped with quite few visitors. 

There are few ways to get to the beach. One is using long tail boats from Suring, Kamala, Nai Thong and Nai Yang. Another is to drive there and park the car or scooter next to road and then go down to the beach. 

I always take my visitors to the beach through the jungle route. Simply because it's pretty and fun. 


First through the jungle 


Then wading through the river

Phuket's secret Banana beach



First view to the sea


No, not the Banana beach yet. 

The treck is not yet over, next climbing over some rocks

Banana beach

Finally there. The Banana beach

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Sunset at Nai Thong beach Phuket

Local fishermen at Nai Thong beach, Phuket

Sunset at Nai Thong beach Phuket

Thai couple watching the sunset at Nai Thong beach

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Surin beach during low season

We had a specially great weather, after many rainy days. Perfect to do a ride around Phuket. Some photos from Surin beach, which is almost back to it's natural beaty. Hopefully those stubborn party venues, which occupy public land, will be soon be demolished. 

Surin beach during low season




Sun shades at Surin beach


There is some sand erosion 

Sufr at the Suring beach

Woman selling handcraft to the tourists. 



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Flying RC planes at Nay Yang beach

Today was public holiday in Thailand. Known as Chulalongkorn Day. 

I went to ride around the northern beaches of Phuket. 

Finally I ended up at Nai Yang beach, where there was couple of expats flying RC planes on the beach. The weather was perfect, no wind and the tide was lowest I have ever seen.

The tide was actually so low that when I walked to the beach, I checked that there were foot marks on the sand, which ment that the tide has been down for an while (if there had been an tsunami, then there would not be time to form marks to the sand).  One of the survival memories which are still stored somewhere in the head.

The first person I talked was Holger from Germany. He had a new plane and have just learned to control the plane. As an experienced real life pilot he concluded that flying the RC plane was more demanding than flying a real airplane. This was due the gut (well, he said ass) and different perception feeling which make the difference.  At the time I got there he had already crashed his RC plane twice and now wanted his mentor David to take off and land the plane.




Boys will always be boys, no matter how old do we get 


Flying RC plane by the beach


Competing with Thai Airways


Fly away - Holger giving a push to his plane


Man with the skills. David has been flying the RC planes for 20 years. Therefore it's not a big deal to hover a RC plane still for a photo :)

Flying RC planes at Nay Yang beach


Nai Yang beach is still pretty much of an paradise one could think about


Muslim lady taking her kids for a swim 


Family fun at Nai Yang beach

Flying to the sunset

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Mai Khao beach sunset

Mai Khao beach at the North West of Phuket is one of the remaining "untouched" parts of the island of Phuket. There is kilometers of beach with very few people around. Quite the difference compared to the southern beaches of Kata, Karon and Patong. 

There is no food vendors nor huge amount of beach umbrellas with their greedy owners. Mai Khao offers the beauty what whole Phuket used to be before the mass tourism found the island. 

My trip to the Mai Khao however reminded me of the bad influence of the tourism right from the start. There has been an influx of Russian tourists on the location for quite an while. The attitude of not smiling has left it's marks. Very few locals living there gave a real Thai smile when I encountered them. Quite a difference compared to the other quiet locations in Phuket.

I also got slightly scammed at a local restaurant. Not a big deal and it was just a few tens of bahts, but that was the reminder how few individuals have an ability to destroy the illusion of beauty. 

I almost lost my feeling to take photos of this place. Fortunately after some time walking on the Mai Khao beach, I talked with some of the people from the Phuket town who came to Mai Khao to enjoy the natural beauty of the location, the feeling came back again.

View from the Phuket weather radar hill to the Phuket International Airport


There was a fire close to the airplanes landing path

Emptiness of Mai Khao beach


While I was trying to get an series of photos of planes taking off from the Phuket International Airport, suddenly there was a herd of water buffaloes walking on the beach. There was no owner following the animals. 

Water buffaloes at  Mai Khao beach




Mai Khao beach sunset


Girl from Phuket town enjoying the sunset.. with mobile phone. Btw I still have the ability to make a pretty girl smile :)


Old man enjoying traditional "Spa" at Mai Khao beach


Sunset together


Good night Mai Khao

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Patong panorama

Panorama image of Paton in June.

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Sea Gypsy village at Koh Sirey, Phuket


Koh Sirey sea gypsy village is one of the locations where tourists, travellers and local expats should visit at least once. 

The village first seems like Burmese camp, but that's just an cover. If you drive by, that's all there is to see. However when going inside of the village, there is much more life .. and things to learn for each of us. 

My first impression when riding inside of the village was 'oh boy, is this what inbreeding does for the community or is this location filled with heavy metals which makes the people act like this'. Everybody seemed to be overweighed and careless. That was my western  world brain thinking. I was dead wrong. They were just happy.

The sea gypsies are one of the few people in the world who are genuinely happy. They have own trusted society and everybody seemed to like to have fun. Living the day and why not?

They go out for fishing, sell what the sea offers, buy beer and have a party. Not exactly bad life. Who needs new iPads and tight meeting schedules when you already have everything you need right where you are?

While visiting the village, I was invited to the several parties. I had decline at that time, but will likely go back at some point and have a beer with the villagers. 


Sea gypsy kids learning to dance

Sea gypsy kids learning to dance


Mothers and kids

Mothers and kids


Party at Sea gypsy village - Koh Sirey. The ladies asked me to join for a beer. 

Party at Sea gypsy village - Koh Sire


Phuket town from Koh Sirey

Phuket town from Koh Sire


Fishing boat going for night fishing trip, Koh sirey


Beach at Koh Sirey

Beach at Koh Sire


Man drying sea cucumbers at sea gypsy village, Koh Sirey, Phuket

Man drying sea cucumbers at sea gypsy village, Koh sire, Phuket


Saturnday evening party at Koh Sirey

Saturnday evening party at Koh Sire

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Airplanes at Phuket Airport

It's often fun to see the airplanes taking off and landing to the Phuket Airport. The direction of landing and taking off, depends of the monsoon season. During the dry season, planes land from west towards to the east, which offers great photo oppotunities of capturing a landing plane along with the Mai Khao beach. 

Planes always land and take off to the wind. The take-off pattern is also a good indication where the wind blows. shows Phuket weather services as well as Phuket Flightradar

Thai Airways landing to Phuket over Mai Khao beach

Airplanes at Phuket Airport


Plane taking off from Phuket Airport


Thai Navy helicopter taking off from Phuket Airport during the 2015 Rohingya crises. 


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Songkran in Phuket 2012

Songkran is a country wide water festival / water fight in Thailand. This happens in April, when the the whole country is blazing hot -  just before the monsoon rains starts. 

Few photos from Phuket's Songkran celebrations in 2012


Songkran in Phuket 2012







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Ao Por Sunset photos

Sunset photos from Ao Por, Phuket, Thailand. 


Palms and technolygy 

Ao Por Sunset photos


Silent night falls over Ao Por

Hug from Above

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Chai Batik Phuket - Abstract art


I have been wondering about the abstract art, what it is and how others see different images. I even went to one of the art shops, which had abstract images to ask for clarification.. I did not get an fully satisfactory explanation.


We had Phuket old town festival some time back. There was abstract paintings, which were instant hit to me.  I love the colors and the light. Yet I have no idea why I could stare these images for a long time.


The paintings had background lightnings. 

Chai Batik, Phuket


Chai Batik Phuket - Abstract art




Phuket polices taking photos with Chai Batik pictures


Chai Batik exhibition at Phuket Old Town festival


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Cold plate ice cream

There has been an interesting new trend to create ice scream on a cold plate, which I have not seen before in Phuket. 

First time I saw this about half an year ago at Tesco Thalang mall, now it has sprered to other locations. These pictures were taken at Phuket night market at Puket town, Thailand. 

Picture blog how ice cream is made by order in the front of the the customers, this takes just few minutes. 


First step is for the customer to select the flavors for the ice cream 





First step is for the customer to select the flavors for the ice cream



This time it was pineapple an stawberry 

This time it was pineapple an stawberry


Next step is to add some cream or yoghurt

Next step is to add some cream or yoghurt


Mixing everything together

Mixing everything together


One minute later the mixture is almost done. 

One minute later the mixture is almost done


Few moments to freeze the mixture on a cold plate

Few moments to freeze the mixture on a cold plate


Famous Thai smiles, important part of making good ice cream

Famous Thai smiles, important part of making good ice cream


First rolls, loks like ice cream already

Cold plate ice cream


Ice cream is almost done.

Ice cream is almost done


I would take one. The price of these is 50 Bath, about 1.2 euros.

I would take one. The price of these is 50 Bath, about 1.2 euros.

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Don't smile to the camera

.. instead concentrate to your work and save your toes!

Don't smile to the camera

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Fishing boats at Phanga bay

Phanga bay, between Phuket and Krabi, is a shallow bay, which is not the best fishing location. However every now and then, there are schools of squids, which atracts fisher boats to come in. 



Nice Little island nexts to Ao Por, Phuket. 


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Green light over Koh Yao Yai 2014

There is 'mysterious' green light coming from Phuket's neighbor island, Koh Yao Yai, of Thailand. The dim green light is visible by naked eye, even from 10km away. 

The time of these shots were about 10pm while the sun set at 7pm. Moon was about to rise at midnight. 


The light is static and has been visible for naked eye fore couple of nights. The same lights has been there also in previous years. What is the cause of the green lights?

Extreme huminity scatters the light from from the street lights?


Edit: The answer about Thai fishermen using green lights to attract plankton from The Wall street journal.

To attract the phytoplankton, fishermen suspend green lights from their boats to illuminate the sea. When the squid chase after their dinner, they’re drawn closer to the surface, making it easier for fishermen to net them. Squid boats often carry up to 100 of these green lamps, which generate hundreds of kilowatts of electricity–making them visible, it appears, even from space.



Photos taken on August 18th 2014 (exif timestamp 2014:08:18 21:53:54). Phuket location 7.8900° N, 98.3983° E

Green light over Koh Yao Yai 2014

The last time I noticed the green glow was almost exactly one year ago. This photo is taken at the same location on August 26th 2013.

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Khao Rang viewpoint facelift

Khao Rang viewpoint at Phuket town has got a facelift. The viewpoint is still under construction, but at least today it was open for public. 


Couple looking from the viewpoint. 

Khao Rang viewpoint facelift


The viewpoint is quite high above the trees




Sing with a view to the Phuket town. Phuket was suffering of quite a thich haze for the whole day.


Monkeys playing around the Khao Rang viewpoint, like they always do. Fun to watch.


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Lone boat waiting for the strom

This time of the year in Phuket sucks. There is no difference between rain and blue skies. The weather can change within minutes. Here is one example. A boat at the Ao Por. While there was sunshine all around, rain was as well all around. 


Lone boat waiting for the strom


I took these photos from my home. Ao Por grand marina is on the right (south) of the boat. 

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Magical moment

Father making soap bubbles for his son at Saphan Hin, Phuket.

Magical moment

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Mountain Dew challenge

While people in Finland are occupied with their "Arkikuvahaaste" (everyday photo challenge), at photography forums had an another challenge coming up. Taking photos including Mountain Dew bottle. An idea so ting tong, which can not be ignored. 

The bottle is pretty and works as an ice breaker with people "Could you hold this bottle, while I take an picture". Yes, people might think that I have lost my marbles, but does it really matter? :)

In fact people in Thailand are quite open minded and enjoy a bit of fun in everyday life. 

So here is my entries to the challenge. 

MD geocaching

Mountain Dew challenge


After enjoying the view of Ao Por, MD decided to go for an motorbike ride


While enjoying the endless roads through the rubber forest, there was an horrible sight of an accident. Another MD was laying on the side of the road, motionless. 


MD delivered the victim to the final resting place and needed to calm his nerves. Nothing works better than doing a bit of fishing.


After an while MD was feeling calm again. He however did not catch any fish and got a bit hungry. Luckily there was a food available. 


Just before the sunset, MD decided to visit Pang Pae waterfall.  


There was some kids plying with the water. Very nice thing to do during the hot season in Phuket.

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New road from Patong to Kamala

There is a new, very scenic road from Patong (starting from Millionaires mile) to Kamala. This road has existed for some time, but now it's paved with asphalt. 

Some parts of the road are steep and older part have some concrete spilled to the road. However the road is very driveable. There are also good views to the Andaman sea as well as to Millinaires mile and to Patong beach.

Scenic views

New road from Patong to Kamala


View to the Patong beach and to the Millionaires mile. 


Close up image of the Patong tower


One can even see the Phuket radar on top of the Patong hill

The route


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Old school film projector

Phuket town mothers day festival included a old school film projector.

Old school film projector


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Paklok market during the rain

The rain season does not seem to end this year in Phuket. Even thought the monsuun winds changed, which normally means that we should enjoy nice and sunny weather, there has bee daily rains.


Paklok market during the rain

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Phuket Airpark 2014

Couple of photos from Phuket Airpark. 


See also US independency day festival at Phuket Airpark

Phuket Airpark 2014

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Rock art

 Not far from where I live, there is a interesting beach at Ao Por. The little and rocky beach often have ancient horseshoe crabs washed to the beach. It also have some very weird looking rock formations. 

Art by the nature.


Picasso Llama


Alien eyes


Holes on the ground


Rock pockets



Red Grand canyon



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Slow loris tout at Surin beach

Why this is still a thing? There has been a lot of animal abuse in Phuket and in Thailand. Some thigs has gotten better after the coup. Some animal abuse still seems to stay, regardless of the new powers of the current goverment. Maybe it's time to take care of these touts?

I did report this insident to the Gibbon project in Phuket, but did not get any kind of reply that they have received the report after 24 hours. Maybe there are some better ways to get things done?

Surin beach 28.5.2015

Slow loris tout at Surin beach

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Airplane photos - Beautiful clouds from above

Sometimes photos from the airplane can be really beautifull. 

These are shots from above during sunset over Thailand, just before landing to Phuket Airport

Sunset from airplane, Phuket, Thailand

Clouds over Thailand, before landing to Phuket airport

Clouds over Thailand before landing to Phuket airport (HKT)

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Ao Por in December 2015

Few photos from Ao Por, North East of Phuket island during the high season, when the weather is fine.

Ao Por, Phuket, Thailand

Ao Por, Phuket, Thailand

Ao Por, Phuket, Thailand

Ao Por, Phuket, Thailand during high season


Boats at Ao Por, Phuket, Thailand

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Baseball in Phuket

The first Phuket baseball or actually softball game was played at Phuket Airpark last week. 

We had 8 players and 2 spectators. Enough players for the 'Californian catch' game (please correct the name of the game, if I got it wrong). We had beginners and few more experienced players. Good mix for play and practice.

Phuket baseball first time playing softball in Phuket Thailand

 It was fun to notice, that when the game was coming to end, the 'We need to win this one' feeling was rising. Trying the best, not too seriously. 

I'm not sure of you for the rest, but I have so far rediscovered at least 42 muscles, which are yelling their presence when ever I move. Next days are going be hellish, but it was definitely worth the pain.

Phuket baseball first time playing softball in Phuket Thailand

We are planned to play for the next time on Saturday 15th of August 2015. 

Plese join in and have fun with us. 

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Beautiful sunsets in Phuket

Over the last couple of days we have  been able to see stunning sunsets in Phuket. The sky has been a beautiful mixture of colors. Red, Orange, light blue and white.
The red color on the sunsets comes often from small particles in the air. As the Sun is dropping down under the horizon, the light from the Sun is traveling longer and longer distance through Earth's atmosphere. 
The light get's filtered and bended while it goes through more and more air in the athmosphere. This causes the sunsets to become yellow and orange. Every now and then, there is more than usual amount of small particles in the air which 'thickens' the air and filters the shorter wavelenghts of light (blue, green and yellow). When this happens, the sunset turns in to red. We are currently enjoying that sight. 
Note that even there is some blue in the sky, the reflections from the sun to the clouds turn those to more orange and reddish as there is more filtering before light reflects back to the eye or the camera. 
But what is the cause of the small particles in the air? My quess at the moment is that there is forest fires on the north-west of Sumatra, Banda Ache area, which belongs to Indonesia. Some of the smoke of these fires might find it's way all the way to Phuket if the monsoon winds are favoriable for it. 
Sunset Trees at Thalang, Phuket
Stunning sunset at Ao Por, Phuket
Savannah sunset at Bang Rong, Phuket
Rain coming - Phuket Big buddha
Burning sun at Rang Hill, Phuket
Beautiful sunsets in Phuket

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Burmese workers at Ao Por viewpoint

Burmese workers at Ao Por viewpointJust stopped to take few star photos from Ao Por viewpoint. There were four Burmese men sitting in a ring on the ground. Each of them had a beer. We exchanged normal greetings as it's custom when people meet in less growded locations.

It took some 20 minutes for me to take the photos I wanted and the guys became curious, so we started to talk. Discussion was an mixture of Thai and English. Nice men with curious minds. 

The burmese were 24 to 27 years old and had been living in Thailand for the past 7 years. Working in Ao Por. They seemed to be happy to live here. Nice men with curious minds. 


When I asked why, the answer was good salary. They were getting from 200 to 400 (5 to 10 euros) baht per day (the amount seemed to increase each time I asked). That's pretty well compared to 5000 Burmese Kyat, which is about 165 baht or 4 euros per day. 

They all owned better mobile phones than I did. 





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Cricket in Phuket

While riding with my scooter, pretty much aimlessly, in Thalang Phuket I saw a cricket game going on. As I had never seen a life cricket game before, it was good time to see what was going on. 

There were couple of teams competing 20 innings game, which normally last for 3-4 hours. As there was some action on the field, there was quite loud audience supporting their teams. 

I had a chance to talk with couple of the players and the supporters. Everybody seemed to have a fun time. I think, at least for the audience, vast amount of beer, might have something to do with it :)

The Alan Cooke Ground cricket field is located in Thalang. It's a large grass field which is surrounded with an rope. 

Phuket has it's own cricket group  which seems to be active. They have practice session on Tuesdays and games on Sundays. 

Cricket field at Thalang

Cricket field at Thalang


Bowling cricket

Bowling cricket



Batsman hitting the ball

Cricket in Phuket


Some of the the cricket players


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Full moon rise at Ao Por of photos of Full moon rising next to my home at Ao Por, Phuket, Thailand.

Full Moon rise

On the other side of Phanga bay is Koh Yao Yai. Few photos of Koh Yao Yai.

Full Moon rise Phuket, Thailand and Koh Yao Yai

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Happy New Year from Phuket, Thailand 2017


Phuket, Thailand, Sunset, West coast

The freedom

Sunset in Phuket

This year has been.. well living on shadows. I wish something much, much better for the year 2017.

Let the shadows go away for us to enjoy the light again

The year of 2016 turning to 2017


Thailand, Phuket, New year 2017

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Monkey hill viewpoint with monkeys

One of the best places to meet and interact with monkeys in Phuket is the Khao Toh Sae or as locally called Monkey hill viewpoint at Phuket town.

Tourist feeding monkeys at Khao To sae or Monkey hill in Phuket town

Toh Sae viewpoint is easy access during daytime. However people who drive their cars or ride their scooter it's woth to know that the road up to the hill is blocked after 6pm. The road going to the hill is dedicated to the people who wish to do their evening sports.  

Khao Toh Sae viewpoint at Phuket town, Thailand

The best part of watching the monkeys is to understand how similar we are compared to the monkeys we meet

Monkey thinking


These little creatues really wish to impress us as they have copied our behaviour

Monkeys coping human behaviour

Now listen carefully, I will say this only once!

The monkeys still don't have the control over the dogs.. for the time being.. 

Monkeys bossing dogs


The family of #babyhand's. 

IIvanka Trump is the golden leader of the Trump family

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Monsoon rains delays and reroutes flights at Phuket Airport

Phuket has experienced one of the worst tropical rains in years. We have got 200mm rain within just 12 hour period. To put that in context, in my home town, Turku Finland, the annual rainfall is only 660mm per year. Phuket got one third of that rain in just 12 hours.

Heavy rainfall in Phuket


Today's monsoon rains were something special. We had several flights waiting for an hour, before the flights could land to Phuket. This caused a lot of flight delays and some flight reroutes coming to the Phuket Airport. 

See the planes landing to Phuket Airport in realtime: Phuket Flightradar

During this time of the year we can see every now an then, the airplanes circling around the Phuket Airport, unable to land, waiting for the weather to get better. 


Multiple delayed flights due bad weather

Silkair flight from Singapore to Phuket being delayed for an hour.

Holding pattern, unable to land to Phuket Airport


There were many other flights delayed, like this Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Phuket. One hour late.

Air Asia flight one hour late from Bangkok to Phuket


Tourist planes unable to land to Phuket, rerouting to Bangkok

There was also two separate China Eastern Airlines planes, which circled close to Phuket and then decided to land to Bangkok Suwanabhum airport. 

First China Eastern Airlines plane did a number of circles over the Phanga province, before it decided to fly to Bangkok. 

China Eastern Airlines plane flight to Phuket rerouted to Bangkok due bad weather


China Eastern Airlines Failed landing to Phuket 

The second Chinese plane, which made an u-turn. This must have been devastating experience for the tourists, who's flight has been already been delayed for 10 hours before the take-off. Now they saw the beaches of Phuket and then got back north to Bangkok. 

Chinese flight rerouted from Phuket to Bangkok due bad weather

The plane tried it's best. It even tried to land to the Phuket Airport, before it's capitain decided to head back to Bangkok.


Airplane taking off from Phuket Airport when the weather was nice.
Airplane taking off from Phuket airport

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Murtabak - one of the best muslim foods in Phuket

Yesterday at Ao Por I met my Murtabak master. I have met him quite a few times over the past years. Sometimes at various festivals, sometimes at Ao Por where he sells roti every now and then. He was also the person to introduce murtabak to me for the first time. He told me that the next day he would be selling murtabak at the local festival, Ao Por school. 

Murtabak is basically roti, which has mixture of vegetables, eggs and spices inside. It's absolutely delicious and reminds me of the best Indian foods. 

Today I got played by the chef. After I received my murtabak, he asked if I wanted something to drink. Maybe coke, sprite or some beer like Singha, Chang or Leo? 

I was puzzled, after all we at Muslim party at a local school. What?

He continued "Just kidding, I know you like beer, but sorry, not today".


Roti / Murtabak stall at Ao Por School party

Roti / Mataba stall at Ao Por School party


Murtabak sause / vegetables before adding eggs and other incrediments

Mataba sause / vegetables before adding eggs and other incrediments


Adding the delicious sauce inside of murtabak

Adding the delicious sauce inside of mataba

Murtabaks, roti and egg frying

Mataba's, roti and egg frying




Murtabak, one of the best foods in Southern Thailand

Mataba, one of the best foods in Southern Thailand

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Night photos at Phuket

Couple of night shots at Phuket Laem Sai. Experimenting long exposure photos with Plane lights. 

Laem Sai is located about 4 kilometers directly east from Phuket International Airport. During the south-east monsuun, planes landing to PIA fly directly and quite low above this point. 

Planes flightpath  Night photos at Phuket


This one looks like a rocket launch


Sunset At Laem Sai, Phuket


Road shot at Paklok.

Suring beach by Night

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OK 20 shops

The OK 20 (baht) shops have popped up in around Phuket.
These shops seem to sell incredibly cheaply all kind of stuff. They have various kind of hardware, toys, tools, kitchenware, cups, electronics like headphones and USB chargers etc.  Everything naturally just 20 bath.
Yesterday I found 5W E27 LED lights and got couple to home to test if those worked well. The lights were fine and produced virtually no heat at all. Today I got 5 more to replace my lights. 
The 20 baht price tag makes me wonder how dirt cheap it is to produce all kind of items, that can be sold so cheaply at the shop. The 20 bath includes: Purchasing materials for production, production, marketing production, transportation to the destination country (all Chinese I guess), import taxes, transportation to the warehouse and to the shops, shops's rent etc, salary for the people, VAT? and profit to all parties involved. What could be a good estimation of production cost of  20 baht LED light?
I personally like these shops. 90% of the time inside I think how to rip some of the items apart and use them to something it was not meant to be used. The items are so cheap that there is no real harm done, if the experiment fails :)

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Phuket photodump July 2015

Various photos from Phuket during the July 2015.

Phuket style lawnmover. Using elephants to cut the grass from the roadsides. Patong - Kamala road.

Patong beach july 2015. All busy, during the low season. 

Wedding photo session, Rawai's windmill hill, Phuket

Chinese tourists taking selfies and fooling around. Phomthep cape, Phuket. 

Visiting the Big Buddha. More photos on separate entry.

Lilawadee flower

Toyota Fast Fun Fest, Phuket. More photos here

Sunset with colourful side halo. Kamala beach, Phuket

Sunset firshermen, Surin beach, Phuket

Sunset tree, Ao Por, Phuket

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Pirates of the Phanga Bay

Pirate sailingboat at Phanga Bay. Photo and view from my home. 

Pirates of Phanga Bay, Phuket, Thailand, Phanga bay, Ao Por, Sailing

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Pizza at Ao Por - Euro Pizza

My hidden treasure location Ao Por at North East of Phuket is developing. There is nowadays more and more foreigners on the streets. Few days ago we got even an pizzeria here. I'll make an weekly tradition to have a pizza at the new Euro Pizza, next to the Ao Por pier. 


The owner, who is also the chief at White Box at Patong, said that the  Euro pizza name is due the first of his customers were from Europe. 

Pizzas are affortable. Small one is 59 Baht, larger 99 Baht. The sizes are not huge, which is not a bad thing at all. 


Euro pizza is open every day from 12:00 to 16:30. 

Telephone: 085-4737861


Pizza at Ao Por

Pizza at Ao Por - Euro Pizza


Khun Somkit making tuna pizza. Pizza oven at the background.



Ao Por busy as usual.. :)

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Pizza at Phuket town, Spaghetti & C

Spaghetti & C at Phuket town, Hawaian Pizza

Thailand is full of very good local foods and restaurants, but every now and then the urge to eat a pizza raises from the stomach. 


I found the recommendation of this pizzeria from a ThaiVisa discussion forum. 


The location is in the middle of Phuket town in a small street off Rassada road (between Phuket and Yaowarad roads).


Selection was good enough for me as they had both Hawaian and tuna pizzas. 

Prices were about 120 baht for small and 150 baht for large pizzas. 

The restaurant is simple and staff friendly.


Italian restaurant Spaghetti & C at Rassada road, Phuket town

Spaghetti & C pizzeria and pasta


Menu with prices.


Drink list


And the main thing, finally a good pizza to enjoy

Pizza at Phuket town, Spaghetti & C

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Preparing to land to Phuket airport

Landing to the Phuket Airport during monsoon weather

  Airplanes always land and take-off to the wind. Phuket airport is no exception of this rule. Phuket airport or as known as by international aviation call signal as HTK, landing strip is from west to east. 

  During the dry season or high tourist season, monsoon winds blow from the North-East and the planes land to Phuket Airport from the west. This time of the year is the best time to visit Phuket. There is hardly any rain and lot's of sunshine. 

Change of the monsoon direction

  While we folks, who live in Phuket, are really wishing for the rains to start, the first signs of the season change is how airplanes are landing to the Phuket Airport. At this time they start landing from the East, instead of from the west. This is the first sign of the change of the monsoon season. 

 We also start to see the clouds forming. 

Bangkok Airways from Bangkok preparing to land to Phuket Airport
Bangkok Airways from Bangkok preparing to land to Phuket Airport

This must be the chemtrails! No not really, the airplane just had a huge fart of relief. 

Chemtrails or not.Plane landing to Phuket Airport

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Random photos of Phuket during high season


Surin beach during high season 2015. It seems that the umbrellas are back on beaches.

Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand, High season

Sailing on Laguna lake, Phuket

Sailing on Laguna lake, Phuket

Wild bigs next to Laguna Lake

Wild bigs next to Laguna lakein Phuket

Waterbuffalo hasn't yet learned that Thailand has left side traffic

Water buffalo in Phuket, Thailand

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Riding scooter in Phuket night

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Roadworks at Ao Por

The roads at Ao Por has recently gotten a facelift. Part of the road from Ban Bang Rong has now street lights and more is being installed. 

Currently new pavement has been set. The pavement work started from northern part, next to Supalai resort and spa and eventually covered the who Ao Por. Now, parts of the road from Ao Por to Bang Rong is newly paved. The rest will follow soon. 

I was quite surprised how well the roadsworks in Thailand were made. My first thought was that it's custom to simply lay another layer of asphalt on top of the existing one. That was not the case! The roads were cut and filled with sand, before paved once again.

The first sign of a road getting a fix is square holes one the ground.

These holes are approximately 30x30 cm (1 sqf) area. In Ao Por case, these holes appeared on the road about 3 months before the road works started. 

The first sign of a road getting a fixed is square holes one the ground. These holes are approximately 30x30 cm (1 sqf) area. In Ao Por case, these holes appeared on the road about 3 months before the road works started.

When the roadworks start, the next phase is to remove the old pavement and 20 cm depth of the road.

These are some heavy duty machines, but move fairly fast. Several meters per minute. 

The next phase is to remove the old pavement and about 20 cm depth of the road.


Cutting blades of the road surface cutter


Preparing the new road surface

Road cutting vehicle then exports sand as it goes by

Road cutting vehicle then exports sand as it goes by


The exported sand is then packed by various heavy machinery

The exported sand is then packed by various heavy machinery when making a road pavement


Meanwhile, the packing continues

Packing and pressing sand to create a new road


After all this, water is used to further help the to pack the new road surface. 

After all this, water is used to further help the to pack the new road surface.


Laying the new asphalt

The final step - the new asphalt

The final step - the new asphalt to a road in Phuket Thailand


Quality control of the new pavement

Quality control of the new pavement in Thailand


This is how the new asphalt looks like, when just resurfaced


The final touch, road paintings

Road painting in Phuket, Thailand

Extra: Taking a well deserved break at Ao Por viewpoint.  Roadwork break at Ao Por viewpoint.


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Royal gems pavilion in Phuket - shopping extravaganza!

New building, which was erecting next to the Heroines monument, at Thalang roundabout at central Phuket, had various rumours. Many thought it was going to be a new shopping mall. Some were correct, the huge building was indeed a gem store. 

Royal gems pavilion in Phuket

I visited the place today afternoon. Arriving there with my old Honda wave scooter I got some looks by the people who were doing the valet parking. I parked my scooter to the parking lot. Fortunately I had my official Phuket attire. Wearing t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops and backpack. I should easily to blend in.. 

The entrance gave the first clue, maybe I was a bit underdressed to the location.

Entrance to the Royal Gem Paviliion in Phuket


Nevertheless I asked if I could see what is inside. I was asked how many people would be on tour and after a bit of time I got my personal tour guide / selling assistant, Jasmine, to take me to a tour around the place. 

Royal Gem Paviliion in Phuket


MBA students, this is a learning experience how to sell

I was taken to a ride of how to sell things to the people. This was no ordinary selling experience, this was one, which should be a presented for young MBA students as target: This is what you should be able to do when you graduate. 

The escalators to the second floor gave an tip what there was to come. Extravaganza. 

Phuket royal gem pavillion

The entrance room to the second store showed style, but that was just a beginning.

There were large walkaways, which ended to special rooms. One room showing how the rubies look like in the nature. 


t was time to show the real gems, which are found in Thailand. The science how the gems are produced. This room was dedicated to the 4 gems types found in Thailand. 

We walked through various rooms, dedicated to the gems, Thai Royal family, Zodiac signs etc. This zodiac room naturally posted the questions: What are the zodiac signs? What is my zodiac sing?

I already knew that my zodiac sign is pig. Now I learned that my zodiac gem is ruby. Should I get one for the luck?

Craftsmen working with jewelry. It's hard work.

This peacock, made by gem stones, was priced as 9 million Baht (200.000 Euros)

Phuket Royal gems pavillion


Room dedicated to the Thai royal family and Thai traditions

Phuket royal gems pavillion

Setting the tone for the sell

All of this was to set the tone for customers. Let customers to feel that they have come to a special place. My guide, professional seller as she was, tried naturally to get me to buy something. Once I told that I hardly have money for the gems they are selling. She asked if I would be interested to buy a small gem souvenir, which would cost just 200 Euros. 

The customers are mostly Chinese. Location for the store is selected as it's the most central location in Phuket.

The next we walked trough the two main sales halls, full of diamonds, rubies and other emeralds. On first hall I was shown diamond rings, which honestly looked were pretty damn nice. The prices were from 20.000 to 45.000 Baht. Unfortunately these were the sections where taking photos was not allowed. 

The most expensive item for sale is valued at 60 million Baht (1.5 million Euros).

Making sure the visitors / customers buy at least something

The next hall had pearls and 'paintings' made out of the dust which is collected during gemstone grinding. Some where pretty nice. 

After this was the third section. Health food etc. The last chance for people to buy at least something. Far before this point, my personal guide already knew that I'm not really going to buy anything, so she did not even try to push me anything. I'm happy for it. She gracefully provided me the information I was looking for.

If you did not manage to buy anything yet. There was still one more, 7-11 colored shop, which sold dried fruits. You know, for you to get a souvenir. 

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Sailing at Phanga Bay, next to Phuket

Thailand Yach Show is starting today at Ao Por Grand Marina. This means that there are more boats sailing at the Phanga Bay. 

Couple of photos of a sailboat at Phanga Bay.

Sailing at Phuket, Phanga bay, Thailand


Sailing at Phanga bay, between Phuket and Krabi, Thailand

Ao Por Grand Marina is a popular location to start sailing trips to the Phanga Bay area

See Also

Ao Por Grand Marina by the Phanga Bay, Phuket, Thailand

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Saphan Hin, Phuket - Friday night at the park

Saphan Hin is the heath of the Phuket. This is a place where local people, Phuketians, gather in the evenings to relax and to do sports.

One of the places where to go to see what real life in Phuket is all about.

Quiet Friday night at Saphan Hin park, Phuket town, Thailand

Smoke on the water

Friday night picknic

Saphan Hin, Phuket - Friday night at the park

Over exposure, ended up as really nice image

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Scooter road tax and inspection in Phuket

]It was time to pay the annual road tax and road insurance of my trusted Honda wave scooter. It has server me well, now with 54.000km on the odometer. Not bad for such an small motor. Well, the engine was rebuild an while ago as I did forgot to add oil to the motor. That was 6000 baht worth of learning experience..

I headed to the Phuket land transportation office (PLTO) at Saphan Hin as usual. The procedure is quite fast forward. I have to first pay the mandatory road insurance, which was 380 baht (9 euros) and then proceed to another counter to pay the 107 baht road tax. 

This time was different. My loyal servant had reached the age of 5 years, which ment that I had to take it to the inspection. The inspection is required annually from now on.

The Thai staff at the PLTO spoke surprisingly good English and helped me what to do next. I got clear instructions how to get to the motorbike (and car) inspection center. Take a left from the PLTO office, proceed to the traffic lights and continue about 300 meters until there is a sign in English on the left hand side. That was the next destination.

<--break->At the inspection center the motorbike inspector displayed very visually where to park my scooter, imagine a man . I was told that the inspection would take about 15 minutes. However there was another scooter which was being inspected before mine. 

The inspector did a throughout job for checking the serial number of the vehicle. My bike was very dirty as I was not prepared to take it for inspection so I said I'm sorry and explained the situation to the inspector with my lousy Thai. He replied with "mai pen rai" (it's ok).


He also checked the noise level of my bike (83 dB) as well as exhaust gases. 


Eventually all the data was inserted to the computer / database together with images of the motorbikes. 


I had time to take photos what else was going on in the inspection center. 

Checking the breaks, weight and suspensions of cars

Modern system and displays


Also cars were checked for exhaust gases


At this point the inspection of my scooter was ready and I was advised to proceed to the counter to pay the fee. The cost of the inspection was 60 baht (1.5 euros) and while I was talking to the young and pretty cashier, she asked if she could become my wife.. and this was included in 2 minutes of talking to her. Things tend to escalate quickly in Thailand. One of the things I like here a lot, people having fun and not to take things too seriously all the time. 

I got my inspection slip and went back to the transportation office to pay my 107 baht road tax for the next year. 

Overall the service was pleasant, efficient and low cost. That's often the case when dealing with government officials in Thailand - those who normally deal with Thai people and not the foreigners. 

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Smog covers Phuket again in 2016

Phuket and the west coast of Southern Thailand, along with Northern Malaysia have been covered with smog for the past few days. There has not been news about the smog in local newspapers. Thereofre there is no real information, where the smog originates. However it's easy to check, for example Penang webcam to see that they also are covered with similar haze.

The last time we had this type of smog was in August 2015. Story here: At the time smog was much thicker than what we have now in December 2016. During the 2015 smog, the source was well known to be Sumatra in Indonesia. At the time whole Malaysia and Singapore were also covered with smog.

Normally the smog covering Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Sumatra is caused by Indonesian farmers burning jungle to clear space for bio-diesel.

This time the Asean Haze map doesn't show many fires at Sumatra. It also doesn't show smog in the area. See the snapshot of the map on the bottom of the page. 

This is wierd. 

View from the hilltop of Phuket towards east

Phuket, Thailand smog cover in 2016

Closer look toward Ao Por Grand Marina

Smog covers Phuket Thailand in December 2016

Trees surrounded by smog on top of the hill in Phuket

Thich smog in Phuket, Thailand, 2016

Ao Por Grand marina. View from my home is not that pretty at the moment. 

Ao Por Grand Marina covered with smog, Phuket, Thailand

The Asean Haze map shows some fires in Sumatra, Indonesia, but just few. 

Click here to see the live haze map covering South-East Asia

Asean Haze map show very few fires at Sumatra in December 2016

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Songkran 2016 at Phuket town

Songkran is a country wide water festival in Thailand

It could be fun, if a huge number of the people in one country would suddenly go outside and start having a huge water fight with each other? Songkran is exactly that. The streets of each city of Thailand are filled with people who participate the annual water festival. 

The timing is good. Songkran happens in April, which is the hottest month in Thailand. Temperatures can get up to 40C, which is honestly too hot for most of the people. A splash of water is refreshing. 

Songkran is also Thai new year. It's common to hear 'sawadii pii mai', which is 'happy new year' during the water festival. 

This year I ventured to Phuket town to see how Songkran was celebrated there. Photos from the Phuket town

Songkran festival at Phuket townsongkran 2016 in phuket thailand

Thai kids having water war with each otherSongkran 2016 phuket, thailand

Driving around Phuket town on a truck

Thai woman having fun during songkran

Thai girls riding scooter after someone had paited their faces with mixtrure of water and coloured baby powder

Thai smilesThai smiles

Pressure washer, when super soaker is just not enough!man using pressure washer during songkran water festival 2016 in Phuket, Thailand

Free car and people cleaning for all

Don't be an idot, have fun, but behave yourself

Unfortunately there are always some people who don't understand how to behave during the Songkran festival. This farang (foreigner) tried to throw water to the scooterists as hard as he could. The people were afraid of him. It's OK to have fun, but it is NOT Ok to behave in this manner! 

Idiot farang during Songkran festival in Phuket Thailand

Traditional Songkran celebration

Some Phuetians were celebrating Songkran in more traditional way

Traditional Songkran in Phuket

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Super Cheap reconstruction

Famous and huge Super Cheap store burned in huge fire last year. The reconstruction of the store is on it's way.

Some of the shop workers mentioned that the construction of the new buildings will be finished in 2-3 months. 

The two new structures are being build next lot where the old Super cheap located.

Currently the shop is operated under temporary 'tents'. The pharmacy is located the next to the street and in air conditioned building. 

Burned old structure



New Super Cheap in construction



Temporary pharmacy



Fruit section



They even had few marketing girls working on the temporary shop. I wanted to include this as pretty girls with smiles are always good for the heart and mind.


Update 3.5.2014

Super Cheap reconstruction


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Swift houses in Phuket

]While driving around we have seen these utterly ugly windowless bare buildings around Phuket island. 

Sometimes I thought the buildings are for keeping rice.. well we have a few rice fiedls in Phuket, but not really many. The other times I thought the buildings could be for air drying fish or shrims.. those are normally done with sun shine. 

Today while riding in Paklok, few of the buildings came along. This time I stopped and asked help from a house next to this building. What are these building ment for?


The family explained that the houses are build for birds, switft in particular. They make the nests and then the owner collects the nest, which are later shipped to China. 

   This building had more than hundred nests, which is about 1 kilogram after being 'harvested'. The price of the nests is about 80.000 Thai baht per kilo. Pretty good income for family. 

Swift houses in Phuket

   My Thai skills are quite limited, but if I understood correctly, the family who takes care of this nest building first collect the nests and then let the swifts build the nest once again so that they can hatch their babies. That will make sure that the swift population will increase over the times. 


    Swift houses in Phuket town with 5 buildings together.

Story of Swiftlet barns on Phuket Gazzette


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Thailand yacht show at Ao Por, Phuket

Ao Por grand marina hosted this years Thailand Yacht show 2016  / 11 - 14 February 2016 

There are 39 boats present. Some are for sale, some for rent. The second largest super yacht, Saluzi has a weekly rental price of €440.000 or $500.000. Now for everyone.

The entrance is free, however you need to register at the counter, before entering the marina area. 


Ao Por marina from the Ao Por viewpoint


Entrance to the Thailand Yacht show


Saluzi 63 meter super yacht with a weekly rental price of $500.000 + food and petrol

Saluzi seen at the sea day before the show started

Toys 4 boys



Sailingboats were not part of the show


Toys for the super yachts



Visiting the marina

Wine tasting

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The Big Buddha of Phuket

I visited to the Big Buddha in Chalong / Rawai to find one geocache, which was on the hill.

The structure is still under construction but it's available for visit. The size of the statue is huge and the scenary from the top of the hill is great. Well worth of visit. 

The statue is 45 meters tall and the base is 25 meters wide. The hill itself is about 400 meter high.


Thai name for the statue is: พระพุทธมิ่งมงคลเอกเนาคคีรี


The big buddha

The Big Buddha of Phuket


Construction is still going on. The size of the people compared to the statue, show the real size of the Big Buddha.


Construction worker smiling :)


Construction going on


Example of the cover


View towards Chalong bay and Cape Panwa 


Phuket Town 


And to the hills on north


Koh Dok Mai (24 km from the Buddha hill) and Phi Phi islands (50 km) on the background. I just wanted to play with the zoom.


Khao Kad viewpoint

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The Big Buddha of Phuket revised in 2015

Once again, I visited the Big Buddha of Phuket. It's a huge statue which is still under construction, as it has been for the past 5 years. 

The construction has been going on over the years. The statue and it's surroundings are still not finished. The statue itself looks rather good, but the surroundings still need a bit more work to be finished.

Big Buddha of Phuket

Closeup view of the Big Buddha of Phuket

Side view of the big buddha

Side view of the big buddha Phuket


The hair of the Big Buddha of Phuket

The hair of the big buddha of Phuket




Wishing bells at Big Buddha

Wishing bells for good luck at Big buddha of Phuket

Sleepy cats, lovely as ever.

Sleepy cats at Big buddha of Phuket

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Thunderstorm over Phuket

Beautiful thunderstrom over Phuket. Taken from Khao Rang viewpoint at Phuket town.

Beautiful thunderstorm over Phuket, Thailand, Weather

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Toyota Fast Fun fest at Span Hin, Phuket

Phuket enjoyed and saw the annual Toyota race show at Saphan Hin. 

As always, there was a good deal of racing and drama to go along with it.

The race track was wet due the rains in Phuket.Toyota race day at Saphan Hin, Phuket

In generally the racing was good to watch.

Phuket, Thailand racing Sapan Hin

During the first race started to rain, which caused an accidents

Accident Phuket race 2015

The torrential rains during the Phuket race.

Torrential rains during Phuket race

Racing in PhuketToyota racing in Phuket

There was hit's to the water barriers

Toyota racing in Phuket, hitting water barriers

The race getting heated

Phuket street car race fun


Phuket audience enjoyed the race.

Unlike the previous years, this time everybody oboyed the extensive savefy zones. This is one of the major changes of attitude what has happened in Thailand for the past years. 

Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Racers fount himself embrassing the safety barriers.

Phuket race, fail, safety barrier.

Thai Race show Pretties

And then there are the pertties. One good reason to visit the car shows. 

Thai Prety at the car show

There is some car behind

Thai girl with a car show

This year's theme was the ears. I have no idea why

Thai beatifull girl with big boobs

Polce wished to have a photo taken with couple of Thai prettiesThai pritties with a police

The lady corner

Asian car shows are not only about masculine power, the shows are also directed to the female customers. After all, the women are the ones, who are deciding where the money flows in the Asian housholds. 

One of the cute things about the Thai culture is the ability to show cuteness, when possible. Here is some expamples.

The lady corner and pastel colored car.

The lady corner and pastel colored car.Phuket, Thailand

Hello Kitty car, simply cute

Hello Kitty car in Phuket, Thailand

Inside of the Hello Kitty car

Inside of the Hello Kitty car, Phuket Thailand

Footnote. If you are a photographer, don't be like this man. Don't behave like a selfish brick. Instead, take a look and note if there are people behind you who wish to have a view or take a photo of the race. It's not that hard thing to do.


Arsehole, selfish photographer at Phuket

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UFO spotted on Phuket sky

It was just an normal night. I wanted to take some pictures of the stars and night scenes. Only after an while I noticed something peculiar on one photo. There was something which was something I could not explain first. 

I seached the Heavens above website this could have been an Iridium flare, but there was no flares on this location and time.

If you look closely, the UFO seems to head towards the circle of stars. The constellation is know as Southern Crown or Corona Australis. This might be a location for an wormhole to another part of the universe. It's conviniently located almost in the middle of our Milky way galaxy. 

UFO spotted on Phuket sky


Another photo, few kilometers from the first photo. Take a good look at the green glow on the right of the picture. It's an quite remote island of Koh Yao Yai. Could this be a base where the UFO was heading?


Disclaimer: Just in case someone really wish to believe. The 'UFO' on the first photo is lens flare caused by the bright lights on the left side of the photo. The green light is coming from a village on the Koh Yao Yai island. 

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Video: Jetsurf the Surfless board

Surfless board seen at Ao Por marina during Thailand Yacht show.

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Wat Prathong, Thalang, Phuket

Todays mission was to find one geocache hidden to Wat Prathong temple at Thalang, Phuket.


The location of the cache was in the front of the main temple and there were lots of people around during the Sunday afternoon so at the time I just went inside to take some photos. 


There is one quite large sized Buddha image on the middle of the temple. Also other Buddha images, which were covered with leaf gold. Any visitor can buy the gold and add it to the Buddhas. 

I returned to the temple after the sunset to find the cache with flashlight. It was quite interesting hide and could not have found it without checking the hint from the person who hid the cache. 

<--break->Sleeping Buddha covered with gold

Sleeping Buddha covered with gold


Young couple adding gold to a Buddha image

Young couple adding gold to the Buddha image


Prayers for the Buddha

Prayers for the Buddha


Buddha image, Wat Prathong, Thalang, Phuket, Thailand

Buddha image, Wat Prathong, Thalang, Phuet


Money tree

Money tree




Guardian of the temple

Guardian of the temple


Lottery tickets sold at the entrance of the temple

Lottery tickets sold at the entrance of the temple



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Watching F1 at the Londoner's bar

Watching F1 at the Londoner's barMy favorite place to watch the F1 qualifications and races is the Londoner's bar at Paklok. It's quite quiet place, the bar which have old style CRT television and naturally no HD reception.

I love watching F1. The ability to watch the races with brilliant clarity on TV is really not really the reason why I keep going to the same place over and over again. It's all about the people who are there. Mostly just few of the regulars. Regulars in the way that F1 race weekends does not happen so often.

The owner of the place looks, and often feels like grumpy old rugby player who don't take it from the customers nor anybody else, but that's just the cover. 

There was one guy who basically lost his money due love and had to go back to his own country. I hope the very best for him.

Then there is an older gentleman, who have endless amount of knowledge of Phuket and Thailand. This includes history, politics and current events. 

They all talk in their own funny English accents which are sometimes even comprehendible (Britts.. :). 

Over the years it has been a great privilege to learn to know these people. Learn how the owner's grumpy outside expresion hides a golden hearth undeneath. The owner of the bub is one of those guys who go for the extra mile to help people in need. Actually he does run an marathon for a friend. 

Overall the Londoner's bar is  a place to have good discussion, sharing analytical views of current events and generally play with ideas. My kind of place. 

On the contrast to this I visited couple of months ago pub at Kalama beach on the east cost of Phuket. When I wanted to learn more of the place and what people were thinking. After some time talking to the people I got an blunt reply from an older man "Why you ask so many questions? Why can't you not be like everybody else and talk about normal things?". Then what there is to talk? Recent rugby scores, what is the price of meat in the supermarket? 

Today, after two years of visiting the place, the owner of the bar referred me by my first name, instead of "Finn". I believe after few decades we call each other as friends. I'm kind of happy for the regocnition. 



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Wet midsummer in Phuket

The rain season is in full swing. Today is the midsummer eve, or juhannus, which is a big event in Finland. The folks back home have been suffering from a bad weather during the spring until now, when the summer officially starts. 

Some people might think of escaping the cold Finnish weather to the paradise island of Phuket. These today's photos might show that we don't not always enjoy the eternal sunshine. 


Woman waiting to cross the road at Bang Rong, Phuket

Woman waiting to cross the road at Bang Rong, Phuket

Driving a motorbike in the rain 

Driving a motorbike in the rain. Bang Rong, Phuket, Thailand

No worries, although it's a bit hard to see forward

No worries, although it's a bit hard to see forward. Driving motorbike in the rain. Phuket, Thailand

Be careful out there, you don't know what kind of animals are on the roads

Goat transported with a motorbike. Phuket, Thailand


I saw some nice videos of Swedish midsummer festival. When I did a youtube search for Midsummer in Finland. This was the first video. I'll just let it be here :D

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Thailand christmas fashion

New christmas fashion in Thailand

Thailand christmas fashion


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Wat Chalong, Phuket

  Finally, after years of living on the Phuket island I visited famous Wat Chalong temple (wat = temple in Thai language).

  The reason to get there was that one of my friends placed an geocache there and I wanted to find it. 

  Previously I had visited the annual Chalong temple market for a few times, but never gone inside to the temple area. The temple are is actually pretty imressive. 

  Here are some pictures of the temple.


 Wat Chalong or Wat Chaitararam how it's officially called

Wat Chalong Phuket


Pagoda of Wat Chalong

Pagoda of Wat Chalong


Inside of the Pagoda


People praying for the Buddha

People praying for the Buddha


Teeth of Sri Lankan monks inside of the glass in the middle

Teeth of Sri Lankan monks inside of the glass in the middle


White Buddha

White Buddha, Wat Chalong


setting up fire crackers

Setting up fire crackers


 Big Bada Boom!

Big Bada Boom


Wat Chalong wikipedia page:



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