phuket AirPark Flight show 2015

Phuket AirPark Fly'n'Go show 28.2.2015 at the Phuket Airpark. The next big event is likely to be held on 2nd Saturday of May 2015, in case someone wishes to visit the air show and Phuket. 

The 10 minutes flights with these gyrocopters were 1500 baht. Unfortunately I did not have enough money with me. Next time I will as I have never flown with a small plane or a helicopter. Flying with one of these would mark the both entries on the bucket list as done.


PanPhuket calendar will be updated, when the date of the next Phuket Air show is fixed.


phuket AirPark Flight show 2015







There was also a waterjet show late in the evening

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