Stuxnet and next generation hardware manipulating viruses

 Stuxnet gave an example what next generation viruses could do by causing hardware failures to the Iranian nuclear fuel enrichment plant.

  Currently there has been an rumor that HP printers could be set to fire by viruses. HP stated that this was an false accusation.

  But what if?

  Viruses are created first by hackers who wish to play around with ideas and technology. Next wave is crackers who wish to cause harm.. and last there will be script kiddies who alter the code a bit, just to create a slightly new version of known viruses.

  Typically a virus can cause annoyance, data lost or even stolen credit card number and passwords. Stunex generation viruses could do far more.  We all are carrying internet connected devices with us all the time, devices which are potentially vulnerable to cracking atte


 What if.. there would be an virus which first resides as an application on a mobile device. It would alter the phone configuration and make the phone to upgrade it's core operating system to a new

hacked version of the OS. This could be a potent way to gain access to all device functionalities, which are normally hidden from the applications.

   New core could make the battery to overcharge and overheat  to the point it would set on fire, maybe at the time when the phone gps or altimeter tells it's charger on airplane or fast moving car.

   New cars have their own operating systems which can be upgraded simply by inserting an USB drive to the car's computer. What if the new OS would cause drive by wire brake failures and it would tell the engine to go at full throttle at high speed at random times?

  What if the future home control server would heat up the Sauna at the middle of the night? Internet connected fridge 


ld insert the fridge to permanent ice reduction mode and let the food rotten during the night.

  These are just some uneducated guesses, what could happen if the security of our internet connected devices their ecosystems is not taken seriously when more and mode devices are controlled by computers and connected to the network.