World's cheapest mobile connection - Go Plearn

Plearn cheap internet connection ThailanDTAC in Thailand is offering probably the cheapest always on, unlimited mobile data in the world.

Go Plearn SIM costs only 49 baht per year including new SIM or 30 baht as add-on package to an existing SIM. That's about 1 Euro/USD per year. Yes, per year.

Plearn DTAC cheap mobile sim Thailand

The connection speed is really, really slow at 64Kbit/s. That's the speed of GPRS, the first mobile internet packet data speed. 64Kbit/s is perfectly fine for Email, IRC and other text based applications ass well as downloading podcasts etc. Perhaps not great for modern websites and mobile applications.

My (mobile) Internet connection speeds over the years..and some more

  • 2.4Kbit/s My first home (non mobile) internet connection using 2400 baud modem in 1991.
  • 64Kbit/s Plearn 
  • 64Kbit/s GPRS, first real mobile internet
  • 236Kbit/s EDGE 
  • 384Kbit/s up to 56Mbps 3G
  • XXX Mbps/s 4 G
One funny part of DTAC offering is that they state that this 64Kbps connection is not to be used for Bittorrent or a Hotspot. While possible, it would take 40 hours to download a 1GB movie with this connection. 
Plearn cheap mobile internet by dtac thailand, no bittorrent
For commercial purposes this package would be perfect for some low-data IoT applications. Creating independent weather stations, GPS tracking etc. Hopefully DTAC will come up with solutions, which will allow worryless, cheap and long term mobile data connections for businesses and developers.  

Golden Dog SIM, DTAC Thailand, prepaid sim for one yearRead about 1 year SIM cards with 1-4Mbps speeds


DTAC Golden Dog unlimited packages

DTAC also offers faster speeds, one year pre-paid connections. Golden Dog SIM's give unlimited 2Mbps for 1900 baht and 4Mbps for 3000 baht for one year. Those are actually pretty good deals, even for Thailand.
2Mbps: 1900 Baht = USD 58 or 50 Euros / year
4Mbps: 3000 Baht = USD 92 or 82 Euros / year
Golden Dog SIM 2Mbps for one year pre-paid.

DTAC Golden Dog 2Mbps offer for 1 year contract with pre paid

Golden Dog SIM 4Mbps for one year
Golden dog Thai SIM card offer for one year 4Mbps
In Thailand mobile networks neither AIS nor True could come close to these offerings. I wish they would as I was checking their websites as I was wishing to find a better package. There was none.