Watching F1 at the Londoner's bar

Watching F1 at the Londoner's barMy favorite place to watch the F1 qualifications and races is the Londoner's bar at Paklok. It's quite quiet place, the bar which have old style CRT television and naturally no HD reception.

I love watching F1. The ability to watch the races with brilliant clarity on TV is really not really the reason why I keep going to the same place over and over again. It's all about the people who are there. Mostly just few of the regulars. Regulars in the way that F1 race weekends does not happen so often.

The owner of the place looks, and often feels like grumpy old rugby player who don't take it from the customers nor anybody else, but that's just the cover. 

There was one guy who basically lost his money due love and had to go back to his own country. I hope the very best for him.

Then there is an older gentleman, who have endless amount of knowledge of Phuket and Thailand. This includes history, politics and current events. 

They all talk in their own funny English accents which are sometimes even comprehendible (Britts.. :). 

Over the years it has been a great privilege to learn to know these people. Learn how the owner's grumpy outside expresion hides a golden hearth undeneath. The owner of the bub is one of those guys who go for the extra mile to help people in need. Actually he does run an marathon for a friend. 

Overall the Londoner's bar is  a place to have good discussion, sharing analytical views of current events and generally play with ideas. My kind of place. 

On the contrast to this I visited couple of months ago pub at Kalama beach on the east cost of Phuket. When I wanted to learn more of the place and what people were thinking. After some time talking to the people I got an blunt reply from an older man "Why you ask so many questions? Why can't you not be like everybody else and talk about normal things?". Then what there is to talk? Recent rugby scores, what is the price of meat in the supermarket? 

Today, after two years of visiting the place, the owner of the bar referred me by my first name, instead of "Finn". I believe after few decades we call each other as friends. I'm kind of happy for the regocnition.