US Independence day festival at Phuket Airpark 2013

US 237th indipendency  day celebrated at Phuket Airpark, Thalang. 2 days fun and big toys.

Few photos of the event.

People gathering to the event 


Incredible flying skills of German flyer

US Independency day festival at Phuket Airpark

More flying

Truly a person who lives on the edge and his skills are way above normal. He checks his G-forces after every flight and if he has not reached G7 to G8, he is not happy. For me, this was the first time I saw air show and I was wondering if this is the last show for the pilot before the crash. It was simply skill and adrenaline. 


After incredible stunt flying, pilot's request was clear.. beer


Helicopter rides




Paraclyding setup. To learn how to fly one of these costs 30.000B, the who setup is 230.000B. Not too bad to be able to fly. 


US beer. Apparently US have also quite good beer as well.


Black and blue band


Another band


Balloon of many sizes


Filling up the hot air balloon

The hot air balloon flight did not work at first. The fiber of the balloon got too wet, which caused it to collapse to the ground at first. 

After few hours the second try to get the balloon up worked.


The balloon was first filled with air with large fan. After it got the shape the burners were used to get heated and expanded air to the balloon. 


Volume of this balloon is 3000m3 and it can lift 560kg. The whole thing is basically physics. Hotter air expands and becomes lighter compared to the colder ambient air. The air on the top of the balloon is at maximum at 120C, for the rest is less.




Hot air balloon tethering. The balloon is connected to an heavy vehicle with rope. 


Hot air balloon in the night


Fireworks at the end