Two heroines festival in Phuket 2015

The annual two heroines festival was held at the new Thalang memorial field this year.  These two ladies protected Phuket from the Myanmar invasion, by pretending to be men with arms. While the Myanmar scouts came to see if Phuket would be easily occupied, they saw the 'troops of solders' and reported the information back to head courtiers. Phuket was saved from invasion. 

Here are the two heroines of Phuket

Two heroines festival in Phuket 2015


The whole festval was to show traditional Thai culture in Phuket to the world. 

Traditional Thai dance


Rice plays an important role in Thai culture. It's a normal way to greet a person to say "Khun kin khao laow?" Which translates to did you eat (rice) already? If one answers 'no' to this question, people become aware, as they would in the western world when answering 'no' to the question if someone is ok. 

Drying rice in traditional way


Boys learning how to use the rice mill


Obviously, when dealing with rice and wheat, there is a need for scare crows. 


Traditional Thai shadow theathers (more images here)  


The night ended to a show of the Thalang battle

And fireworks