Travel Chronicles: Banos cake party

Travel Chronicles: Banos cake partyI travelled to Banos with couple of other backpackers to find a way to get to the Amazonas. After we found an company which did offer a good trip, it was time for dinner and a couple of beers afterwards.

We got to one, pretty quiet place at the moment. The first thing the bartenders did, they made me to try caipirinha. New drink for me at the time... and pretty strong as well.

The place started to fill up with local youths who came there for Friday parties. Like every other Ecuadorian bar, there was salsa on the background. After a while people started get to the floor and dance.

Some ladies came to ask me and my friends to dance and "no, I can't dance" was clearly not an option "we'll teach you".. and then I was on the floor, slowly learning how to move the body.. and it was fun!

Before I even noticed the place was packed with party people. Dancing and having fun. Suddently someone  came with a cake and everybody were singing happy birthday song.

The girl who's birthday it was was really happy and decided to share the cake with all of us. Not the traditional way, but more spontanius way. She simply took part of the cake to her hand and used it as an spoon to feed the party hungry people. Then everybody were throwing cake to each other. Nobody did mind for the mess, everybody was just having fun.  Poco loco.