Toyota racing days at Saphan Hin


Definitely an event to go and to see. Saphan Hin is a short track, where it's possible to go quite close to the action. 


I admire the skill of the organizers, how they were able to orchestrate the event and get the audience excited while watching the show. Well done.

Welcome to the event 

The track 

Pre race show 


Something for the kids


Action and real race 


Heat of the race


To win, control the driving lines


And compete 

Toyota racing days at Saphan Hin


Rescue workers on their positions


Emergency equipment 


The audience was happy


Show must go on


Informatioin desk girls giving their advices.. or simply making people to feel good


Adds were blocking the view, but people got around it


The drive skill show 


Time to celebrate the winners 


Car advertising with photographers


.. And wheels.. I guess


We all were left with some good memories of this event


Some other cars wished to steal the moment afterwards