Toyota Fast Fun fest at Span Hin, Phuket

Phuket enjoyed and saw the annual Toyota race show at Saphan Hin. 

As always, there was a good deal of racing and drama to go along with it.

The race track was wet due the rains in Phuket.Toyota race day at Saphan Hin, Phuket

In generally the racing was good to watch.

Phuket, Thailand racing Sapan Hin

During the first race started to rain, which caused an accidents

Accident Phuket race 2015

The torrential rains during the Phuket race.

Torrential rains during Phuket race

Racing in PhuketToyota racing in Phuket

There was hit's to the water barriers

Toyota racing in Phuket, hitting water barriers

The race getting heated

Phuket street car race fun


Phuket audience enjoyed the race.

Unlike the previous years, this time everybody oboyed the extensive savefy zones. This is one of the major changes of attitude what has happened in Thailand for the past years. 

Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Racers fount himself embrassing the safety barriers.

Phuket race, fail, safety barrier.

Thai Race show Pretties

And then there are the pertties. One good reason to visit the car shows. 

Thai Prety at the car show

There is some car behind

Thai girl with a car show

This year's theme was the ears. I have no idea why

Thai beatifull girl with big boobs

Polce wished to have a photo taken with couple of Thai prettiesThai pritties with a police

The lady corner

Asian car shows are not only about masculine power, the shows are also directed to the female customers. After all, the women are the ones, who are deciding where the money flows in the Asian housholds. 

One of the cute things about the Thai culture is the ability to show cuteness, when possible. Here is some expamples.

The lady corner and pastel colored car.

The lady corner and pastel colored car.Phuket, Thailand

Hello Kitty car, simply cute

Hello Kitty car in Phuket, Thailand

Inside of the Hello Kitty car

Inside of the Hello Kitty car, Phuket Thailand

Footnote. If you are a photographer, don't be like this man. Don't behave like a selfish brick. Instead, take a look and note if there are people behind you who wish to have a view or take a photo of the race. It's not that hard thing to do.


Arsehole, selfish photographer at Phuket