Tiffany hormone shot and new boyfriend

My 8 years old Tiffany the matriarch has been behaving oddly for the past few weeks. 




First she started to pee around the house, which I thought was related that there has been a young cat close by, who also visited the inside of the home couple of times. 

The other cat


The peeing increased to the point that when ever she sat down, underneath her got wet. It was time to take her to the vet. 


The vet took blood samples and there was nothing else out of order, except her liver values were a bit high. The vet told me that the leaking pee can sometimes happen to the female cats who has been spayed when they were young. He cave her a shot of oestrogen, which is supposed to help. This was 5 days ago.


The leakage didn't stop, but maybe reduced a bit. There were side effects..


Tiffany the cat who has always been a very quiet girl, became suddenly vocal making noises which I have never heard before. This morning the constant talking woke me up way too early. I opened the front door and let her to go out. There was the another cat, which I thought earlier was a young female. 


Friendly together





I watched the two cats for an while and went to make some coffee as they seemed to get along just fine. No fighting at all. It was more than that, which I realised the next time I saw the two together - making kittens was in progress.


Far too friendly together 


At the first I thought I should stop this nonsense get Tiffany inside and throw some water to the young cat, which by now was definitely a male cat. But then I realised that this was the first time ever she has ever had sex.. so why not let the two to fool around for an while as they both seems to have a quite good time. 


"That was way too short, do it again!"

Tiffany hormone shot and new boyfriend


Now the two cats are hanging out together close by to the house. Old lady is satisfied by her young lover. I guess I now have a quite handsome son in law.