This is Bangkok

Bangkok is a hectic city. While some things happen in a blink of an eye, there is till plenty room for personal tranquility. To live in Bangkok, one needs to adapt different scenarios very quickly. I lived two years there, before moved to live in Phuket


Bangko traffic is notorious. It's slow, it requires all your senses, but at the same time it's very flexible and fair for everybody.


When the evening rush hour comes, this is what you can expect of the traffic in Bangkok.

Bangkok also offers one of the best shopping experiences in the world. I personally hate shopping, but when I get to the Fortune city mall, I'm in my shopping heaven. It's not just shopping, but also to see new ideas with affortable prices. 


When people have seen enough of one place, there is really no reason to make a fuzz out of it. Then it's time to relax, like this motorcycle taxi driver. 


While the motorcycle driver is sleeping, it's time to take a bus. Bangkok is one of the few places, where you still can see wooden floor on the busses. 

Bangkok busses also have a person who comes to you to collect your 10-30 baht feed of the ride. 


Sometimes it's worth of stopping at a local 7/11 and enjoy a drink. Simply observing what people are doing. There will be younger folks who are doing their studies while walking and others who just try to figure out how this part of the world works out. 

Bangkok is rising. There are more and more high building reaching the sky. The city of 15 million people have to find a way to strugle between rising plot prices and ability to transfer people when the the streets are jammed.