Thalang festival 2013

Thalang festival is annual 5 day event to celebrate the two sisters who saved Phuket from Burmese army. The ladies heard that Burmese were going to occupy Phuket while most of the men were outside of the island fighting on other fronts. 

They organized the local ladies to dress like men and made them to march on the streets. Burmese spies saw this and reported back to the their army that Phuket was heavily armed and should not be attacked. This saved Phuket. 

Currently the festival, is like every other festival in Thailand. Fun, food and shopping. 


Fun for the kids


As well for the grown ups


Rather spicy food 


Lot's of people


Shooting for 20B

Thalang festival 2013


Throwing the darts to the balloons




And my personal favorite thing to do, throwing balls to drop the mermaids to the water. Few decades of playing Finnish baseball or "pesis" did pay back the hours of training.