The Thainess

The ThainessEvery now and then there is a question, what is Thainess? One answer is "it's complicated".

Actually it's not complicated at all. Thainess is the feeling of being part of something bigger, doing things in a fair way for all, without being afraid. In essence it's doing things in right way. 

Thainess allows people to be what ever each wishes to be, as long as people don't hurt others. It allows people to be free. 

Thainess is the smile between strangers who see and recognize each other and thus approve each other when they meet in the streets. The connection and goodwill between people. 

My first encounter of the real Thainess was during the 2004 tsunami. I was sent to Phuket and Khao Lak by my company, to help with the communication needs. It was my best work assignment ever. 

What did blow my mind was the people who had come from the northern parts of the country to help the people in the south.

While I was visiting the hard affected Khao Lak, feeling a bit depressed, I saw the people who still had the smile in their faces giving comfort for all. These were the people from North Eastern part of Thailand, who drove down to south. Their trucks were filled with donated goods from the people from their home towns. The feeling of being able to help was the key to the happiness.  

Thailand, please never forget how beautiful nation you are when your people are working together and helping each other.