Swift houses in Phuket

]While driving around we have seen these utterly ugly windowless bare buildings around Phuket island. 

Sometimes I thought the buildings are for keeping rice.. well we have a few rice fiedls in Phuket, but not really many. The other times I thought the buildings could be for air drying fish or shrims.. those are normally done with sun shine. 

Today while riding in Paklok, few of the buildings came along. This time I stopped and asked help from a house next to this building. What are these building ment for?


The family explained that the houses are build for birds, switft in particular. They make the nests and then the owner collects the nest, which are later shipped to China. 

   This building had more than hundred nests, which is about 1 kilogram after being 'harvested'. The price of the nests is about 80.000 Thai baht per kilo. Pretty good income for family. 

Swift houses in Phuket

   My Thai skills are quite limited, but if I understood correctly, the family who takes care of this nest building first collect the nests and then let the swifts build the nest once again so that they can hatch their babies. That will make sure that the swift population will increase over the times. 


    Swift houses in Phuket town with 5 buildings together. 



Story of Swiftlet barns on Phuket Gazzette  http://www.phuketgazette.net/archives/articles/2012/article12352.html