Songkran 2016 at Phuket town

Songkran is a country wide water festival in Thailand

It could be fun, if a huge number of the people in one country would suddenly go outside and start having a huge water fight with each other? Songkran is exactly that. The streets of each city of Thailand are filled with people who participate the annual water festival. 

The timing is good. Songkran happens in April, which is the hottest month in Thailand. Temperatures can get up to 40C, which is honestly too hot for most of the people. A splash of water is refreshing. 

Songkran is also Thai new year. It's common to hear 'sawadii pii mai', which is 'happy new year' during the water festival. 

This year I ventured to Phuket town to see how Songkran was celebrated there. Photos from the Phuket town

Songkran festival at Phuket townsongkran 2016 in phuket thailand

Thai kids having water war with each otherSongkran 2016 phuket, thailand

Driving around Phuket town on a truck

Thai woman having fun during songkran

Thai girls riding scooter after someone had paited their faces with mixtrure of water and coloured baby powder

Thai smilesThai smiles

Pressure washer, when super soaker is just not enough!man using pressure washer during songkran water festival 2016 in Phuket, Thailand

Free car and people cleaning for all

Don't be an idot, have fun, but behave yourself

Unfortunately there are always some people who don't understand how to behave during the Songkran festival. This farang (foreigner) tried to throw water to the scooterists as hard as he could. The people were afraid of him. It's OK to have fun, but it is NOT Ok to behave in this manner! 

Idiot farang during Songkran festival in Phuket Thailand

Traditional Songkran celebration

Some Phuetians were celebrating Songkran in more traditional way

Traditional Songkran in Phuket