Smog in Phuket

Today has been a whitewashed day. The whole island of Phuket has been covered by a smog. 

The air is stagnant, there is no wind and weather feels very hot. Air moisture must be at 100% level. Even light walking makes one sweat when the sun is shining. 

At the same time, there have always been reports of smog in Singapore and Malaysia. Smog caused by the forest fires in Sumatra. That's the penalty of using palm oil in cars.

Smog in Phuket, Thailand makes the distance to disappearFog in Phuket, Thailand

Hills at PaklokHills covered with fog in Phuket

Ao Por grand marina is hardly visibleAo Por Grand Marina in fog, Phuket, Thailand

Green and cray

Road in Phuket during fog

Phanga bay, not as pretty as it usually isPhanga bay during fog weather


It's good to remember that these smogs come and go. As an comparition, a photo taken just one day earlier. Phuket blue skies