Skype for SIP Beta

Skype has release a new Skype for SIP Beta service available for testing. 

The service is targeted to Medium and Large sized companies which already are using SIP based telephone exchange (PBX).  Good example of this kind of company would be an mid sized hotel.

With the new Skype for SIP service the hotel can integrate their existing PBX system to Skype calls. 

Customer calling to the hotel (inbound call)

An potential customer, Kaisa from Finland, is looking for an hotel in Phuket, Thailand. She is browsing the web and finally finds the hotel she finds interesting. Hotel has their callto:hotel Skype logo and Kaisa decides to make an call to ask for further details by pushing the Skype Call Us button. Her computer Skype client will start the call. All free of charge for her.

Now, what happens in background is more interesting. Her Skype call will reach the hotels PBX and it will follow the normal rules, how the PBX is configured. The PBX notices that the first three representatives are busy and will forward the call to the fourth one. Just like it would be done if Kaisa had decided to make an long distance call from Finland to Thailand.

All are happy. Kaisa get's her information and the hotel get a call from potential customer.


   Kaisa spends her dream vacation at this hotel in Phuket. After two weeks it's time for her to go back to home. With all the excitement and new experiences on her mind she forgets her camera to the hotel room. She notify the lost when she is has already boarded the plane. Danm!


Hotel calls to Kaisa (outbound call)

  Like all the quality hotels in Thailand, the hotel she used knows that good customer service is the key to  good reputation and way to get more customers. The hotel has already put her camera to the hotel safety box and has decided that that the hotel manager herself should make to call to kaisa. After all Kaisa is the travel representative for her company. 

  The manager has attended an meeting with other travel industry people and she is having an afternoon coffee at Starbucks when it's time to make the call to Kaisa. She takes her WiFi and VoIP enabled phone, which is already connected to the Hotel PBX system.  She simply dials Kaisa's number and makes the Internet call. They talk for an while about the dream vacation and then agree how to the deliver the camera back to Kaisa.




routing the call to normal telephone network in the destination country.

 These both cases fairly are easy to implement and cheap to use. Win-win situation?


 But.. Who are the users?

  Well, this solution will give possibilities for medium and large size of companies how they would implement their VoIP networks. Large companies are likely to have their own VoIP networks already so they might be in the target group. Small size companies does not have the IP-PBX infrastructure, so they are out as well. They'll just do Skype call forwarding if needed.

  At this point we have only the mid sized companies left. The mid sized companies who use already SIP based PBX. The mid sized companies who have or who can buy knowhow how to integrate Skype for SIP to their existing systems. I'm not so sure that this would be a huge group of companies. 

Small size companies could be in, but mediators needed

  What we need is mediator companies who do everything for their customers. The purpose of these companies is to use an bulldozer in the IT field and organize all the technical details so that the customer companies can concentrate their core business. The customers just want to get an solution that works. 

However Skype says


4. No Reselling

Skype Products are made available under this Agreement solely for use by You and Your Business Users for Your communications purposes. The use of the Skype Products for any other purpose, and/or the resale of any Skype Products is not permitted by You or any of Your Administrators or Business Users, and You shall not (and shall ensure that Your Administrators and Business Users shall not) resell the Skype Products to any third party or use the Skype Products to provide services to any third party.


Ok. In a way this is great. It will protect the Skype end users from the rip-ff people who try to just make an quick buck and leave.. or does it? There will always be people and companies who does not give a crap for the rules. 

How can I make a living with the Skype for SIP? How can the non-technical little companies use the possibilities the potentials what this new product can give out? For me there is possibility of integration to the VoIP systems. For small business.. well none.

The next step

  Skype. Let us mediators to do our work. Your Skype for SIP gives a lot of possibilities which are not possible at the moment. 






  This is what we need to get the new Skype for SIP service available for all. Let's make it as easy as it should be. Skype, You are famous for making thing usable.