Shutdown Phuket 2014

During the latest political protest, Shutdown Bangkok, Phuket have had it's own protest. 

Phuket belongs to the south and strongly supports the yellow shirt movement (the ones who are currently protesting against the government on the streets). 

There was few hundred people on the protest side at Phuket Town on the initial shutdown day 13th of January 2014. 

The protest site a road, about 50 meters long, next to Phuket provincial hall. 






Voluntary military guards

Police not expecting riots on site


Protestors watching Bluesky TV


Audience on site


Food for the protesters


Big Thai flag

Shutdown Phuket 2014


Protest site in Phuket

Phuket shutdown 2014


Tourist think this is a festival and a good selfie time


Life goes on in normal way  beyond the protest site


A man installing a Thai flag sticker to support the protests


Various Thai flag themed stuff sold at the protest site


Woman in white


Man in black