Scooter road tax and inspection in Phuket

]It was time to pay the annual road tax and road insurance of my trusted Honda wave scooter. It has server me well, now with 54.000km on the odometer. Not bad for such an small motor. Well, the engine was rebuild an while ago as I did forgot to add oil to the motor. That was 6000 baht worth of learning experience..

I headed to the Phuket land transportation office (PLTO) at Saphan Hin as usual. The procedure is quite fast forward. I have to first pay the mandatory road insurance, which was 380 baht (9 euros) and then proceed to another counter to pay the 107 baht road tax. 

This time was different. My loyal servant had reached the age of 5 years, which ment that I had to take it to the inspection. The inspection is required annually from now on.

The Thai staff at the PLTO spoke surprisingly good English and helped me what to do next. I got clear instructions how to get to the motorbike (and car) inspection center. Take a left from the PLTO office, proceed to the traffic lights and continue about 300 meters until there is a sign in English on the left hand side. That was the next destination.

<--break->At the inspection center the motorbike inspector displayed very visually where to park my scooter, imagine a man . I was told that the inspection would take about 15 minutes. However there was another scooter which was being inspected before mine. 

The inspector did a throughout job for checking the serial number of the vehicle. My bike was very dirty as I was not prepared to take it for inspection so I said I'm sorry and explained the situation to the inspector with my lousy Thai. He replied with "mai pen rai" (it's ok).


He also checked the noise level of my bike (83 dB) as well as exhaust gases. 


Eventually all the data was inserted to the computer / database together with images of the motorbikes. 


I had time to take photos what else was going on in the inspection center. 

Checking the breaks, weight and suspensions of cars

Modern system and displays


Also cars were checked for exhaust gases


At this point the inspection of my scooter was ready and I was advised to proceed to the counter to pay the fee. The cost of the inspection was 60 baht (1.5 euros) and while I was talking to the young and pretty cashier, she asked if she could become my wife.. and this was included in 2 minutes of talking to her. Things tend to escalate quickly in Thailand. One of the things I like here a lot, people having fun and not to take things too seriously all the time. 

I got my inspection slip and went back to the transportation office to pay my 107 baht road tax for the next year. 

Overall the service was pleasant, efficient and low cost. That's often the case when dealing with government officials in Thailand - those who normally deal with Thai people and not the foreigners.