Phuket's secret Banana beach

The  Banana beach at the northern part of Phuket, is probably the most beautiful beach on the whole island. It's still quite undeveloped with quite few visitors. 

There are few ways to get to the beach. One is using long tail boats from Suring, Kamala, Nai Thong and Nai Yang. Another is to drive there and park the car or scooter next to road and then go down to the beach. 

I always take my visitors to the beach through the jungle route. Simply because it's pretty and fun. 


First through the jungle 


Then wading through the river

Phuket's secret Banana beach



First view to the sea


No, not the Banana beach yet. 

The treck is not yet over, next climbing over some rocks

Banana beach

Finally there. The Banana beach