Phuket weather in June - Sunshine and thunderstorms

The low season in Phuket starts on April, which is hot and dry month. During May we get a occasional rains. This continues until end of June. On average maybe 2 days per week have rain. This does not mean that it's raining all the time. On the contrary, most rains last for 20 minutes and then it's over. 

The other oddity is that the thunderstorms are very localized. While it's raining cats and dogs in the Southern Phuket, the northern parts can enjoy a nice sunshine. That's a reason why nobody is able to tell, if the next week will have a nice weather or not. 

Phuket's local expats often use rain radar animation provided by Thai Meteorological department to predict the rains in next 20-60 minutes.



Koh Naka Noi on the east cost of Phuket is still enjoying sunshine. Koh Yao Yai on the background is most like having a good tropical rain. 

Rain clouds over Phuket town, while on 15km away the sun is shining.