Phuket event calendar

TL;DR Calendar of Phuket events for mobiles:


Phuket have lots of events, but quite often those go unnoticed. There is stories on the newspapers, but at least I forgot the dates and events within minutes.

  Various medias have their own list of events, which are quite often full of 'Best BBQ adds', which I consider more of an spam.

  The other problem is that these event notifications are hidden on the webpage, where the information have to be separately checked. This simply does not work very well.


  To solve this I created simple community calendar, which can be freely added to mobile phones or used by any websites. This way we can have event calendar available when ever we need to see what is happening around the island. 

 To add the calendar to your Google account calendar, simply click the '+ Google calendar' link on the calendar page. 



  To add the calendar to PC or other devices, click the iCal link which is widely supported.






  I'm also  looking for individuals who would be willing to manage, eg add events to the calendar. Please use the contact form me if you are interested and willing to help.