Mountain Dew challenge

While people in Finland are occupied with their "Arkikuvahaaste" (everyday photo challenge), at photography forums had an another challenge coming up. Taking photos including Mountain Dew bottle. An idea so ting tong, which can not be ignored. 

The bottle is pretty and works as an ice breaker with people "Could you hold this bottle, while I take an picture". Yes, people might think that I have lost my marbles, but does it really matter? :)

In fact people in Thailand are quite open minded and enjoy a bit of fun in everyday life. 

So here is my entries to the challenge. 

MD geocaching

Mountain Dew challenge


After enjoying the view of Ao Por, MD decided to go for an motorbike ride


While enjoying the endless roads through the rubber forest, there was an horrible sight of an accident. Another MD was laying on the side of the road, motionless. 


MD delivered the victim to the final resting place and needed to calm his nerves. Nothing works better than doing a bit of fishing.


After an while MD was feeling calm again. He however did not catch any fish and got a bit hungry. Luckily there was a food available. 


Just before the sunset, MD decided to visit Pang Pae waterfall.  


There was some kids plying with the water. Very nice thing to do during the hot season in Phuket.