Monkey hill viewpoint with monkeys

One of the best places to meet and interact with monkeys in Phuket is the Khao Toh Sae or as locally called Monkey hill viewpoint at Phuket town.

Tourist feeding monkeys at Khao To sae or Monkey hill in Phuket town

Toh Sae viewpoint is easy access during daytime. However people who drive their cars or ride their scooter it's woth to know that the road up to the hill is blocked after 6pm. The road going to the hill is dedicated to the people who wish to do their evening sports.  

Khao Toh Sae viewpoint at Phuket town, Thailand

The best part of watching the monkeys is to understand how similar we are compared to the monkeys we meet

Monkey thinking


These little creatues really wish to impress us as they have copied our behaviour

Monkeys coping human behaviour

Now listen carefully, I will say this only once!

The monkeys still don't have the control over the dogs.. for the time being.. 

Monkeys bossing dogs


The family of #babyhand's. 

IIvanka Trump is the golden leader of the Trump family