Mobiles interacting with physical world - part 1 - King of the Jungle

This is an response to 'Nokia Dream device' video on YouTube and Nokia website


  I try to keep on ideas which are possible with today's technology.. but every now and then some parts will slip a bit in to the future.

  My dream device is an personal assistant, which understands and communicates with the environment it is. It learns from the users behavior and adapts to it. My dream device has also a bit of personality, it sometimes even nags to the owner.

  Have fun reading and please don't take it too seriously. I certainly do not. 


Location and time aware functionalities


Mark woke up. It was already 10am. He stretched his arm and could feel a warm body next to him. Feeling good.


Memories from last night started to came back to him. Without opening his eyes he pinched his memory and flashba

cks of last night party begun to fill his mind. All scattered and not sequential. Beer at the park cafe, chicken wings, another bar.. oh dear, did he sing karaoke at one bar? He did a mental note that he'll need to check that one out later on. Then he met something special at Jumpru's nightclub. The girl.. name.. Kaisa. Yes. She was absolutely gorgeous..


  Marks phone had not woken him up. His phone kept itself on silent mode for couple of reasons. Phone knew that as it's Saturday morning and Mark likes to sleep late on weekends. Normally he don't brother to answer the phone this early. Phone also noticed from GPS data that last night Mark was up late and going around his favorite bars. Furthermore the phone knew that this new place to visit is not Mark's home. Mark needs his privacy. Only emergency calls from the loved ones, topped with certain wordings on IM messages would make the phone to wake Mark up. There was no reason for early wake up call today.

  Phone had already made an location update to his personal diary on secure website. This information is shared with none. Only in the case of an emergency the information would be passed to the local authorities. Phone also checked local buss schedules and routes how to get Mark back home as well as the local weather report and rain radars. There is no rain so it's not worth of mentioning.


No fuzz contact sharing

Kaisa woke up. She looks even better in the morning with her fuzzy hair. They .. and then they made breakfast together. After a long good talk it's time for Mark to get back to home. 


  As Mark and Kaisa told their phone to share contact information, the phones negotiated together which would be the best way to share the information. Phones decided to use bluetooth connection at this time. Phones also recorded locations where and when they met at first place and where the contact informations were shared. This case it was not so important, but many times in business connections, this information has been proven to be useful. 


Location and calendar aware external services

  After Mark said 'Phone, get an taxi for me now' the phone contacted all three Taxi companies and decided to order from the company which had car only in 4 minutes away from their location. This company is not the cheapest one, but it's best for him to get home soon as his calendar show other appointments later on today.

  On the taxi Mark insert his 'Connecting tube' or just 'Tube' to his ear. This is an little device which works both as an speaker and a microphone. Tube uses all kind of electromagnetic fields to charge itself without any other power.

   When the taxi arrives to his home, the phone checks to meter and pays the ride directly to the taxi company's account. Mark thanks for the ride, exits the car and heads to his home door.  At this point the phone uses it's proudest voice and says 'Mark, you are the king of the jungle!'. Mark laughs.