Mai Khao beach sunset

Mai Khao beach at the North West of Phuket is one of the remaining "untouched" parts of the island of Phuket. There is kilometers of beach with very few people around. Quite the difference compared to the southern beaches of Kata, Karon and Patong. 

There is no food vendors nor huge amount of beach umbrellas with their greedy owners. Mai Khao offers the beauty what whole Phuket used to be before the mass tourism found the island. 

My trip to the Mai Khao however reminded me of the bad influence of the tourism right from the start. There has been an influx of Russian tourists on the location for quite an while. The attitude of not smiling has left it's marks. Very few locals living there gave a real Thai smile when I encountered them. Quite a difference compared to the other quiet locations in Phuket.

I also got slightly scammed at a local restaurant. Not a big deal and it was just a few tens of bahts, but that was the reminder how few individuals have an ability to destroy the illusion of beauty. 

I almost lost my feeling to take photos of this place. Fortunately after some time walking on the Mai Khao beach, I talked with some of the people from the Phuket town who came to Mai Khao to enjoy the natural beauty of the location, the feeling came back again.

View from the Phuket weather radar hill to the Phuket International Airport


There was a fire close to the airplanes landing path

Emptiness of Mai Khao beach


While I was trying to get an series of photos of planes taking off from the Phuket International Airport, suddenly there was a herd of water buffaloes walking on the beach. There was no owner following the animals. 

Water buffaloes at  Mai Khao beach




Mai Khao beach sunset


Girl from Phuket town enjoying the sunset.. with mobile phone. Btw I still have the ability to make a pretty girl smile :)


Old man enjoying traditional "Spa" at Mai Khao beach


Sunset together


Good night Mai Khao