Lumpini Park in Bangkok

On my last trip to Bangkok, there was only one thing I wanted to see. The Lumpini park and it's famous Asian water monitor lizards.

While Bangkok is generally not a very pretty city, the parks and other green areas offer very nice contrast to the concrete jungle. 

The park is clean and well maintained. 

Lumpini Park Bangkok Thailand

Peace and quiet. Lumpini park is a good place to escape Bangkok's hectic life

Lumpini Park

The plants are well watered during the dry season

Watering plants at Lumpini park

Palm tree

Palms at Lumpini park

Flowers blossoming

Flowers at Lumpini park

Security cameras are everywhere

Security cameras are everywhere in Lumpini park

Lumpini park has some art as well

Women in the next three decades lumpini park bangkok thailand