Kuwait 2006

I spent couple of months in Kuwait in 2006.  Two different occasions. I went to install and troubleshoot IMS & Push to talk systems for local operators. In fact it was one of my least productive work trips. I flew there in a hurry and then waited for a long time for the equipment to come. 


Kuwait city is quite modern city, but there was very little things to do. At least the fun part. 


The first impression when I got out from the Airport, I felt I was entering to a hot and dry sauna. Temperature was close to 50 celcius and hot wind made it difficult to breath at the start. 



Marina Bay at Kuwait City. This was the view from my serviced appartment.


Kuwaiti towers


The liberation tower. Build after the Iraq occupation

Prayer tower


Traffic in Kuwait is simply horrible. Traffic jams in the night and people drive sometimes way too fast.


Crossing the Red Signal Leads to Death or Prison


Night shot of Kuwait city


City during a dust storm


Local shopping mall


Alcohol free beers in the supermarket in Kuwait

Nice water towers


Water truck in the desert


Bedouin man and his camel


Camel crossing

Kuwait 2006


Oil refinery


Three bridges