If it ain't broken, don't fix it

If it ain't broken, don't fix itThat's the golden rule of computer system management. Changes in complicated systems result often with unpredicted problems. I often ignore the rule and try something new anyway.


  It seems that the rule applies to general life as well. 

  Today riding with my workhorse (Honda Wave) back to home I had one of the 20 liter water tanks, full of water, with me. This time the water manager (owner of the shop where I buy my water fillups) put the tank slightly different way to my scooter. So that the tank was sitting on the saddle and tank was leaning towards to the handles. The way I have seen many locals transfer their water bottles.. I thought what the heck, I'll try if this works better than my normal way, which often results leakage from the bottle.


  Riding towards home was ok, well until I got to a gravel road close to my home. Right turn to slightly uphill road with rain softened road and the front wheel was shaky. I tried to correct the movement, but at this point the bottle blocked turning the handle.. and I was fell down to the gravel.


 After checking that no bones were broken, I decided to hurry back home. Just in case I had more injuries than a nasty cut in the left elbow as the dizziness would follow. Luckily that was the only physical injury.


 There were no witnesses other than one chicken which run away after getting a crash course to unprintable Finnish words.    


 So the lessons of the day are:

 - If something is working, there is not always need to improve it

 - Phuket expats with their old Honda waves have accidents 

 - Accident and mistakes do happen but life goes on

 - If you see a chicken which is yelling "Perkele!", you are close to my home