Heavy rains causes flooding in Phuket

This monsoon season rains in Phuket has been worse than any years previous years I have lived here. 

Thepkasattri road, Phuket's main highway, which goes through the island, had massive traffic jams due flooding.

Susco gasoline station inundated

Monsoon rains in Phuket causes flooding

Not the best day for small cars, Monsoon rains in Phuket

People driving too fast

Looks like Songran came early to Phuket. Songran is Thaland's yearly country wide water play. 

Massive traffic jams. One broken car pushed through the water.

Traffic jams in Phuket due heavy monsoon rains and flooding


This describes the feeling in Phuket, when it rains

Sad day in Phuket when it rains

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