Green light over Koh Yao Yai 2014

There is 'mysterious' green light coming from Phuket's neighbor island, Koh Yao Yai, of Thailand. The dim green light is visible by naked eye, even from 10km away. 

The time of these shots were about 10pm while the sun set at 7pm. Moon was about to rise at midnight. 


The light is static and has been visible for naked eye fore couple of nights. The same lights has been there also in previous years. What is the cause of the green lights?

Extreme huminity scatters the light from from the street lights?


Edit: The answer about Thai fishermen using green lights to attract plankton from The Wall street journal.

To attract the phytoplankton, fishermen suspend green lights from their boats to illuminate the sea. When the squid chase after their dinner, they’re drawn closer to the surface, making it easier for fishermen to net them. Squid boats often carry up to 100 of these green lamps, which generate hundreds of kilowatts of electricity–making them visible, it appears, even from space.



Photos taken on August 18th 2014 (exif timestamp 2014:08:18 21:53:54). Phuket location 7.8900° N, 98.3983° E

Green light over Koh Yao Yai 2014

The last time I noticed the green glow was almost exactly one year ago. This photo is taken at the same location on August 26th 2013.