Flying RC planes at Nay Yang beach

Today was public holiday in Thailand. Known as Chulalongkorn Day. 

I went to ride around the northern beaches of Phuket. 

Finally I ended up at Nai Yang beach, where there was couple of expats flying RC planes on the beach. The weather was perfect, no wind and the tide was lowest I have ever seen.

The tide was actually so low that when I walked to the beach, I checked that there were foot marks on the sand, which ment that the tide has been down for an while (if there had been an tsunami, then there would not be time to form marks to the sand).  One of the survival memories which are still stored somewhere in the head.

The first person I talked was Holger from Germany. He had a new plane and have just learned to control the plane. As an experienced real life pilot he concluded that flying the RC plane was more demanding than flying a real airplane. This was due the gut (well, he said ass) and different perception feeling which make the difference.  At the time I got there he had already crashed his RC plane twice and now wanted his mentor David to take off and land the plane.




Boys will always be boys, no matter how old do we get 


Flying RC plane by the beach


Competing with Thai Airways


Fly away - Holger giving a push to his plane


Man with the skills. David has been flying the RC planes for 20 years. Therefore it's not a big deal to hover a RC plane still for a photo :)

Flying RC planes at Nay Yang beach


Nai Yang beach is still pretty much of an paradise one could think about


Muslim lady taking her kids for a swim 


Family fun at Nai Yang beach

Flying to the sunset