Dentist in Phuket Town

We had the first sunny day in Phuket for months. What did I do? I went to see my dentist.

I had felt a hole on my teeth for an while and got quite worried about it. Tongue tends to exaggerate what is really happening in the mouth. I thought I have to get a root canal treatment, once again.

While riding to the dentist, I rode all the side roads and tried to find out good excuses that I should not visit the dentist today. Maybe it could wait for another day, week or month? That's my normal behavior. What is not have to be done today, should be able to be avoided in the future. I knew I had to get to the dentist. One of the things which simply have to be done as soon as possible. 

It was time to step in and bear the forthcoming pain. 


The fear of dentists, due the youth experiences, scars us for life. At least it did the trick for me. 

While sitting on the dentist chair, it took me an while to remember, that things are different now.  I have been in the situation before and been treated well. There is nothing to be afraid of. I have been here before and it did not hurt at the time. 


I have been sitting on that chair before, few times. The service has always been professional, without any fuzz, which I would dislike. Simply finding what is the problem, and fixing it without making a big deal about it. At the same time I have got a good and personal service as I do like to know what is going on on own my mouth. 

It's not always easy to find the services, which treat everybody with the same respect as human beings (read: not to abuse foreigners due lack of local knowledge). 

When there is one, it should be elevated for others to use. 

At the end of the day I was relieved. The fear was gone and my teeth were fine once again. 

Fact sheet:

Patipat Dental Clinic has been operating for the last 6 years. I have been their customer for the last 3 years.

Dr. Kittinya Jittanukool has been working as a dentist for 12 years. 

Tel: +66 76 224 955

Address: 111/5 Patipat Rd., Talat Nuea, Amphoe Moeang Thalang, Phuket, Thailand 83000


Prices for the references

  • Cleaning: 800 baht (21 euros)
  • Filling 600 - 1200 baht
  • Root canal treatment 5000 baht
  • For the root canal treatment, there is extra costs to create the new crown, which costs much more than 5000 baht.