Burmese workers at Ao Por viewpoint

Burmese workers at Ao Por viewpointJust stopped to take few star photos from Ao Por viewpoint. There were four Burmese men sitting in a ring on the ground. Each of them had a beer. We exchanged normal greetings as it's custom when people meet in less growded locations.

It took some 20 minutes for me to take the photos I wanted and the guys became curious, so we started to talk. Discussion was an mixture of Thai and English. Nice men with curious minds. 

The burmese were 24 to 27 years old and had been living in Thailand for the past 7 years. Working in Ao Por. They seemed to be happy to live here. Nice men with curious minds. 


When I asked why, the answer was good salary. They were getting from 200 to 400 (5 to 10 euros) baht per day (the amount seemed to increase each time I asked). That's pretty well compared to 5000 Burmese Kyat, which is about 165 baht or 4 euros per day. 

They all owned better mobile phones than I did.