Birds in Phuket

When I first moved from Finland to Asia, one thing I noticed was the lack of the bird calls. This happened when I was living in Singapore as well as I moved to Bangkok an later to Phuket. For some reason the birds in Asia are much more quiet than in for example Finland. 

Well, that was until I moved to live in the jungle. Now I can enjoy the bird calls pretty much all the time. There are few small birds, which I have tried to take a photo for months, but have failed to do so. Maybe some day. 

Here is some of the birds, living in Phuket. 


 White throated kingfisher in Phuket


Asian Egret

Asian egred in Phuket


Black baza

Black Baza in Phuket


Lovely chicken

Chicken in Phuket


They said that one has to touch two wires to get an electric shock. They said so.


Oriental Magpie Robin

Oriental Magpie Robin