Beautiful sunsets in Phuket

Over the last couple of days we have  been able to see stunning sunsets in Phuket. The sky has been a beautiful mixture of colors. Red, Orange, light blue and white.
The red color on the sunsets comes often from small particles in the air. As the Sun is dropping down under the horizon, the light from the Sun is traveling longer and longer distance through Earth's atmosphere. 
The light get's filtered and bended while it goes through more and more air in the athmosphere. This causes the sunsets to become yellow and orange. Every now and then, there is more than usual amount of small particles in the air which 'thickens' the air and filters the shorter wavelenghts of light (blue, green and yellow). When this happens, the sunset turns in to red. We are currently enjoying that sight. 
Note that even there is some blue in the sky, the reflections from the sun to the clouds turn those to more orange and reddish as there is more filtering before light reflects back to the eye or the camera. 
But what is the cause of the small particles in the air? My quess at the moment is that there is forest fires on the north-west of Sumatra, Banda Ache area, which belongs to Indonesia. Some of the smoke of these fires might find it's way all the way to Phuket if the monsoon winds are favoriable for it. 
Sunset Trees at Thalang, Phuket
Stunning sunset at Ao Por, Phuket
Savannah sunset at Bang Rong, Phuket
Rain coming - Phuket Big buddha
Burning sun at Rang Hill, Phuket
Beautiful sunsets in Phuket