Battle of Thalang show 2014

Phuket organizes annual heroines festival to remember the battle of Thalang year 1785. 

According to the legend two heroic sisters Lady Chang and Lady Mok protected Phuket from Burmese invasion. While the men of Phuket were fighting at other regions, Phuket was left with very little military protection. 

The sisters organized local women to march on the streets, pretending to be soldiers as an message to Burmese scouts that Phuket was well guarded. This worked and Burmese decided not to try to invade the island.

The new monument side at Thalang is impressive. There is a new, very expensive, statues of the two sisters as well as other Phuket protectors.  On top of this, there is large areas to have outdoor shows and presentations. 

Battle of Thalang show 2014


Battle of Thalang


The show


Heroines monument


Phuket heroines


Woman watching the construction pictures


Traditional Thai shadow teather for kids and adults

The two Phuket heroines


Thai festivals always incude food.