Amazonas Ecuador 1999

While exploring Ecuador I met couple of other travelers at Banos. We decided to travel together for an while to visit the Amazon base on Ecuador. 

The trip was 4 days at the jungle, but before that we had to travel 12 hours by bus to get to the starting point.


We were lucky to have good guides who new remote areas and were able to teach few jungle survival tricks. 

After bus ride, truck ride and few military checkpoints we got to our destination river. Flora was amazing. 


Every now and then we had to jump off and push the boat forward


Papa Negro, of of our guides


Time for a bath on river with piranas


Fishing for food 


Eating bamboo tree


Drinking from liana 


Climbing to the huge tree (well we did not get too high)


Our group


And every now and then fooling around :)


Candlelight dinner


During the night it was time to take the bad spirits away from the body


Great hunter. I managed to catch a huge caiman with my bare hands!


Bonfire on the last night in the jungle. 

Amazonas Ecuador 1999


Back to the civilization with all that canned food. Dirty, but very happy! 


Survival trip for police and military checkpoints: It's good to ask a photo of the officers. They love it and it makes the whole process very smooth.