5 ways to kill the human race in 30 minutes

The fast way - fighting to the end


There is no doubt that our eagerness to compete with each other has been a great catalyst for new inventions.


  We humans love to compete. Wether the enemy is internal or external, we'll find a way to compete. We all want to be winners. 

   Sometimes this urge goes beyond common sense and we are ready to destroy everything we love and value, simply to be winners. We have been close to the extinction in numerous times. One of these times was the Cuban incident, where both parties played hard game and the Soviet Union finally gave up. 

 I'd say it was a sensible resolution for both sides. Neither party, nor the rest of the world would have survived the nuclear war, even if only one side would have launched their nuclear weapons. 

 The second time was during the cold war, when both USA and Soviet physicists got together and proved that neither side was able to survive the nuclear war, even if the other side would not launch any weapons. Reagan and Soviet leaders understood this.

  So, we are currently living in the situation where extremist opinions are approved. This is the short way to hell. We need people who are able to stop these ideologies, at any cost. 


 Back to the main subject, how to kill the human race in 30 minutes.


1) Nuclear war - 30 minutes. 

  This scenario is by far, most likely to happen and therefore the scariest. Just like the other ones, it's the one which kills 90% of the people after years of desperation. It's an event when each of us, regardless where in the globe we live, have to be prepared to see most of our loved ones to die of hunger. 

 One nuclear detonation against people releases the genie out of the bottle. Using nuclear weapons is 'OK' once again. BTW There was a good reason, why those weapons were not used after we learned what they can do.

  It takes 30 minutes for ballistic nuclear missiles to hit to the destination. Things tend to escalate fast during war. All the hell can be loose, before we can even have a meal.

  After that the nuclear submarines will send their missiles to make sure that we all are screwed. 

  The lucky ones are killed with the detonations.

  The unlucky ones try to keep going on; without electricity, clean water and food while the sky is filled with dust which blocks the Sun. Plants die due lack of light. Animals die due lack of plants. Humans die of hunger. 


2) Meteor hitting the Earth - 0 to 100.000.000 years

 We have basically zero visibility of the meteors, which are coming from the direction of the Sun. A good example of this was what happened at Chelyabinsk in Russia just a few years ago. 

  If we ever see a larger object coming towards Earth, we have very small capabilities to deter the hit, even if we have years to plan for it. 


3) One of our super volcanos activate 0 to 100.000 years

 It's the same scenarios as with the nuclear war. Loads of dust to the upper atmosphere, which cools the planet, kills the plants.. and by now you know the rest. 


4) Magnetic field flip 0 - 500.000 years

 Earth's magnetic poles tend to flip from north to south every now and then. Currently the north pole has been moving quite fast. 


  During the flip from north to the south, we might have the protective shield agains the Sun's radiation. The good part is that we'll see lot's of northern lights. The bad part is that the the Sun's radiation could blow our breathable atmosphere away. Not to mention all the radiation we would encounter without our protective magnethosphere. 


5) Major earthquake 0 - 10.000 years


  Major earthquakes are generally just local phenomenas. Cascades quake could submerge a great part of the US west coast. That's not what I'm referring to. Our history of recording major earthquakes in the west is about 100 years. Japanese have recorded the events for the past 1.000 years. 

   Before the boxing day tsunami, very, very few in the western world did even knew the word 'Tsunami'. Now we all know it. We'll learn to know the new word of huge earthquake in some day in the future. 


  As humans, we have a chance either fight against each other, or we could simply think that we are one, quite weak, family.

  But hey, let's keep on saying how important we individual people, with our own ideas really are.. that will make the big difference. Right?